I finally understand why people love Peter Molyneux

You know what, I'm starting to come around myself with my own personal man-crush on this dude. So down to earth yet with such a vision and a firm yet gentle tone in his words. It  kinda reminded me of how the Third Hokage talks in the anime and manga.  I'd follow and better yet get an X360 just for how genuine his talking about Fable Two. I reall like when people in the industry don't take me for an idiot *cough*marketing*cough*. (Weird, I just really coughed, its Winter around here so kinda feeling the effects :P)

Please watch the vid here (On Giant Bomb of course). Ver cool. Time went flying so fast, that how in attention mode I was while being sweeped away by Molyneux's words.

Great interview Mr. Shoemaker, nicely done Giant Bomb.

P.S. I also embedded the vid in case you just want to here it or take a quick look. If you want wide screen visualization and hi-res then click on the above this paragraph. If you want to use the playback controls on the vid in the embed, just drag your pointer on the visible video parta (the middle) of embed, otherwise when trying to use it beneath the middle part the playback controls will start bouncing up and down and you won't be able to use those controls. Cheers!