Something I always wanted to do to Yoda

So okay, lets get this first out. This is a vid from a local comedy show around here, like a Saturday Night Live but not live and more like "by the people, from the people and for the people" type of setup. It actually the funniest show in this place. I'll try to explain some stuff below the vid, its in Spanish but most is physical comedy so you don't have to understand to appreciate what my point is.

A little layup for the vid... a parody of the Beijing Olympic Games. Fast foward to 5:50 minutes in the vid to get what I'm trying to share with y'all.


The Goku and Piccolo, Power Ranger and Speed Racer parts are allusion to the characters being gay, but from the noise of the guys behind cameras that's pretty obvious.  I you have any other question let me know.