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Virtual Jeff

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This is a list of video games that have an associated video in which Jeff Gerstmann is represented in virtual form. This includes both character creation and immersive insertion* via Kinect or PlayStation Eye, but excludes console-wide Virtual Jeffs such as Xbox Avatars and Miis.

* Camera support that doesn't involve actual character creation is a gray area, and whether or not a specific implementation qualifies as a Virtual Jeff can be subjective. In general, I'll go by whether or not the participants in the Quick Look comment on the in-game representation, thus distinguishing the entity as something other than simply a silhouette of Meatspace Jeff.

The list will remain unordered as there is limitless potential for Virtual Jeff.

If you know of a video that isn't on the list or Honorable Mentions, or have any other suggestions, post in the comments!

Honorable Mentions:


2014-06-25 @907 - Added Fight Night Round 4, Fight Night Champion, and EA Sports MMA - Thanks to @cooljammer00, @telexy, and @retrovirus!

2014-06-24 @680 - Initial list created from memory

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