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Time to bust out the shaver....its HAIRY LEGS.

A high school art teacher is the last person you would expect to create a video game from scratch. Its another thing to expect it to be good. Well believe it or not, it can be done. My high school art teacher made a iDevice app/game called Hairy Legs. I just wanted to get the word out that the game is fun, cool, and....has leader-boards. But on a serious note, he put a lot of time and effort in it and since he's been one of my most greatest influences in high school, I wanted his hard work to be known. The game is in the same genre as games like Doodle Jump. You play as a razor going down the leg of a hairy woman trying to evade obstacles like scabs and band aids. Its quite a clever game and its hopefully going to be a huge hit. By no means is this an advertisement. I just want to get the word out that pretty much anyone can make a quality game with a little hard work. I thought since the gaming community of Giantbomb is so cool, that you guys could check it out. Alright, the words out and thats all I can do. I appreciate if you guys check it out and if not, keep gaming. -Smitty


Where arte thy Xbox?

Its been six weeks. Six painful weeks without an xbox. I'm beginning to feel it finally sink in. If you are not aware, I got the RRoD on November 15 while playing the apparently system hogging 1v100. It sat in my room, broken, as I got the necessary paper work to ship it in. A night of talking with xbox customer support because my account wasn't working finally allowed me to print the shipping label. My joyous self went down stairs to tell my father the great news that I can send my xbox in the next day. Although I was positive that it would not cost me a nickel to get it fixed, my dad was less persuaded. My dad not believing me had decided to send it to my local Rent-a-center, where he bought it a few years back mind you (They were going to sell me a display model with dirty sticker stuff on the bottom; a missing memory card cover; a wireless controller without a adapter at the end; and no memory what so ever. But when I went back to see if they could give me a better model, they suddenly had a brand new one in the back...what a surprise.) just in case because they said what ever was wrong with it they would pay. Never forgetting the almost catastrophic xbox they sold me if it wouldn't have been for me keen eye, I was needless to say, a bit uneasy. So here we are, going on week six and they have never contacted me to tell me it was in. I preordered Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition which you no doubt comes out next Tuesday so either I will be able to play it come Tuesday or.... looking at it sit on my desk as a wait another unknown amount of days until it comes back to me. 
Out of curiosity, has this happen to anyone and if so, what did you do? Also, tell me what you think of this. 


RRoD Revelations

So its been nearly a year since I wrote my last blog. "A whole year!?", you may be asking yourself. Yes, it has been a long time since I have been able to have enough time and will power to write a serious blog. Let me fill you in what has happened to me in the last couple of weeks. 
So I got the RRoD (The Red Rings of Death). I never thought it would happen becuase I have had my Xbox for over 2 years. Unfortunatly my hardcore playing of 1 vs 100 was too much on my beloved Xbox 360 and it went "Kaplooie". Fortunatly as it may have it, the generous folks at Rent-a-Center where I purchased my console were nice enough to send it in for me and reassured me that whatever may be wrong with it; it would be fixed free of charge.  
So I've been xbox-less for almost two weeks now and I had an appifiny. What did I do before I had an Xbox... was I actaully a productive part of society at one point in my pre-360 life. This long wait for my Xbox to return has opened my eyes to how much games actaully effect you. This blog is to tell everyone that games are a huge part of your life. I mean, I'm not a suggesting that every gamer is a fat, pimpled, wearing glasses, living in your parents basement nerd. In fact I think people who play games are some of the better people in this world becuase they repect digital art and story.  
So I've been playing some PS2 lately and getting back to my roots. I've even busted out the old Nintedo 64 and played some Donkey Kong 64. I've been playing my still half-decent size PS2 collection and suprisingly loving it. With this, I decided to come back and benifit the site by reviewing my favorite PS2 game and probably my favorite game of all time; Beyond Good and Evil. I hope that I can keep my blog current and I hope that everyone has fun playing games and loving life.

Upcoming Technological Improvments

After many months of waiting and hoping, one of my family members finally got a digital camera capable of video. Expect to see some video blogs and vidoe reviews coming soon. The quality is unknown at this moment but the camera is 8.1 mega pixels so you can guess on that. I'll finally be able to expand my gaming love through video.

Also I just got Left 4 Dead for the Xbox 360 so if you would like to play my gamertag is SmittyFooledU, just say your from Giantbomb and I'll be happy to play, but I lost my mic so I wont be able to talk. ( hmmm, where is that mic.)

UPDATE: I found my mic, it was at friends house, YAH!


                  -Ryan Smith


My Avatar did what!?... NXE Impressions

Now obviously there's a lot of blogs about the NXE (New Xbox Experience) update for the Xbox 360. Of course there's going to be some similarity of my blog to others. Mostly this blog about the NXE is going to be covering the avatar system and some of the thoughts that I came up with. To begin, I would just like to say, I really like the new avatar's. They are many implications with these little guys. Yes, they do have a bit of the same appearances of the Mii's on the Wii's, but remember, Wii's didn't invent the avatars, so anything dealing with the comparison of Xbox avatars and Wii avatars ends HERE. Wait, Okay HERE. The upcoming community games will be a blast to play with friends, and the almost expected additions to the clothes adding brand names (for free would be nice, but its Microsoft were talking about). At the moment, I think Micorsoft just scratched the surface with these new guys.
Now we cant forget the other additions to this new update, such as the great party system, installing games on your hard drive, and my personal favorite, Netflix. Overall this update greatly improved many things besides appearances. Its much faster, sleeker, and more organized. Beside the occasional glitch here and there which is kinda expected, I think this update greatly improved the Xbox 360, its fan base, and its accessibility to newcomers.


Some Free Time

Well, its been about a month since I last wrote on here so between playing some Homeworld 2, and trying to finish up some work, I think I'll write some stuff, what do you think, alright lets get started then...
As you can see I've been playing a lot of Homeworld 2 lately, not sure why but I've been trying to find some really cool mods for it. I found 2 which I'm probably going to download later. One is called War Lords and it turns all of the units into Star Wars spaceships. The other turns all the units into Battlestar Galactica ships, both which are very cool.
To most people's surprise though I havent picked up any games this month *cough, cough, fable 2*. I'm actaully giong to get Fable 2 around Christmas time and I plan on picking up Fallout 3 this weekend after I have some time to read some reviews. I decided to boycott any Rythm type games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero this year due to the fact that I can get three games for the same price.
Life wise, everything is giong all right. I've finally caught up on some work that needed to get done so I'm less stressed then usaul. This has been a pretty slow week for me and I plan on playing a crap load of games next week but I have a question for you guys first.

Besides Fallout 3 and Fable 2, which game should I get in place for Rock Band and Guitar Hero, any game suggestion's would be great?


My Youtube Channel

Now, before I begin, I would just like everyone too know that this is not a advertisment or anything of that nature. As you can tell by the title of this blog, I have a youtube channel. I thought since my youtube channel is mostly about gaming that this would be a perfect place to find new subscribers, and devoted listeners. You can either completely ignore this blog or go to the link. I don't want anyone to think that I'm trying to do anything that is propaganda, if you will. So if you like my stuff then please subscribe and rate, hell, even comment if your heart desires. Also now that I think about, me and friend are giong to be making our own youtube channel as well (maybe). Its most likely is giong to be a comedy channel, a good comedy channel. Alright here is the link Thanks for listening, if you have a youtube channel as well I will be happy to subscribe.

                            -Ryan Smith


The Blog Lives!

It's 9:22 at night and your at your computer. A sudden urge to right everything gaming comes over you. You jump to grab your mouse, turn on some music(Citizen Cope - Let the Drummer Kick) and start up your internet browser. Then a sudden realization hits you right in the face, where can I let my most darkest and graphic gaming thoughts out into the big internet machine. A few sites come to mind but what really stands out is the infamous Giant Bomb .com. A cornucopia of gaming and the like, ready, waiting for you to fill it to the brim with game knowledge and opinions. You type on your computer and the internet machine whizes you off, your surfing the very connections of the internet until, that one glorified moment, you've made it. Your fingers almost move by themselves as your every gaming thought is poured out into the jug of Giantbomb knowledge. You can almost here the angels sing as you press post blog. 

Now you may be wondering what that small papagraph at the top of this blog has to do with me starting to blog again. Well that was the exact feeling that I experienced while writing this. There was only a couple ways I could describe this, a odd, but informative way was the best.

If your kinda slow and you dont know, I'm starting blog again. I haven't been able to due to school starting again and me feeling absolutly drained from homework and such. This wonderful homeworkless night I couldnt take for granted. So with out any further delay LET THE GAMING BEGIN.

If your familair with Xbox Live then you know that there are the special poeple on there, we'll call them d-bags, that seem to think its funny to role play as a idiot and/or test are ability to judge singing talent like American Idol. If your not familiar with Xbox Live then let me explain. Every once in a while you be playing a good game of GTA or COD 4 having a fun time strategizing and socializing. Then a d-bag jumps on. He/She (mostly he) starts acting like a complete a total a-hole, he starts yelling swear words and pretending to be mentally handicaped( though they may be already). Of course you cant leave out the singers. They do what there name intels, they sing. AND NEVER SHUT UP. Now if this has happaned to you I hope you were smart enough to mute them, I know I am. I know this wasnt terribly long, blog wise but there is a UFO show on so all I cant think of is aliens. So until next time, hopefully soon, this was


             -Ryan Smith 

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