My Avatar did what!?... NXE Impressions

Now obviously there's a lot of blogs about the NXE (New Xbox Experience) update for the Xbox 360. Of course there's going to be some similarity of my blog to others. Mostly this blog about the NXE is going to be covering the avatar system and some of the thoughts that I came up with. To begin, I would just like to say, I really like the new avatar's. They are many implications with these little guys. Yes, they do have a bit of the same appearances of the Mii's on the Wii's, but remember, Wii's didn't invent the avatars, so anything dealing with the comparison of Xbox avatars and Wii avatars ends HERE. Wait, Okay HERE. The upcoming community games will be a blast to play with friends, and the almost expected additions to the clothes adding brand names (for free would be nice, but its Microsoft were talking about). At the moment, I think Micorsoft just scratched the surface with these new guys.
Now we cant forget the other additions to this new update, such as the great party system, installing games on your hard drive, and my personal favorite, Netflix. Overall this update greatly improved many things besides appearances. Its much faster, sleeker, and more organized. Beside the occasional glitch here and there which is kinda expected, I think this update greatly improved the Xbox 360, its fan base, and its accessibility to newcomers.