Some Free Time

Well, its been about a month since I last wrote on here so between playing some Homeworld 2, and trying to finish up some work, I think I'll write some stuff, what do you think, alright lets get started then...
As you can see I've been playing a lot of Homeworld 2 lately, not sure why but I've been trying to find some really cool mods for it. I found 2 which I'm probably going to download later. One is called War Lords and it turns all of the units into Star Wars spaceships. The other turns all the units into Battlestar Galactica ships, both which are very cool.
To most people's surprise though I havent picked up any games this month *cough, cough, fable 2*. I'm actaully giong to get Fable 2 around Christmas time and I plan on picking up Fallout 3 this weekend after I have some time to read some reviews. I decided to boycott any Rythm type games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero this year due to the fact that I can get three games for the same price.
Life wise, everything is giong all right. I've finally caught up on some work that needed to get done so I'm less stressed then usaul. This has been a pretty slow week for me and I plan on playing a crap load of games next week but I have a question for you guys first.

Besides Fallout 3 and Fable 2, which game should I get in place for Rock Band and Guitar Hero, any game suggestion's would be great?