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Now available va digital distribution - still a classic! 0

 I noticed this is available via digital distribution now.  I have just finished revisiting this title and thought now would be a good time to share my views on it.  Difficulty This was the first title I actually played through on the XBOX 360,  I completed it on 'Casual' over two years ago if  recall - and then didn't revisit it until a few weeks ago, to try to play through on 'Hardcore'.   Now the first thing that struck me is even on Casual I didn't find this an easy game to beat.  Partly bec...

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Limbo - not an XBOX Kinnect Limbo dancing title... 0

I'd seen Limbo in the XBOX Live arcade shop for a while.  It never really caught my attention.  Julia Hardy of Gameface fame brought it to my attention through one of her YouTube editorials.  If you heard the name Limbo - you'd be forgiven for thinking it was an up and coming Kinnect Title which involved leaning backwards and trying to dance under a horizontal pole... In fact - I may have just given away a good idea for a popular title for someone to develop!  What Limbo IS, isn't really clear. ...

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Zombie slaughtering fun fest! 0

 The idea behind Left 4 Dead is a simple one, the developers wanted to create an enjoyable multiplayer co-operative experience, that had replay-ability. The theme was decided as part of this basic design idea - who doesn't like blazing away shooting hoards and hoards of zombies? So how does it work? You pick a character, who all play essentially the same, but have different personalities and dialogue - there is no advantage or disadvantage to any of them. Then you join an online game, ...

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Fantastic sandbox game, set in the wild west. 0

 First of all - I must admit I was looking forwards to Red Dead Redemption. I'm not a huge Grand Theft Auto/Sandbox game fan, but Rockstar has a record of doing it well. I'm particularly fond of Bully (Or Canis Canem Edit if you're in the UK.) and Grand Theft Auto 3: San Andreas. The things that make these games enjoyable to play are the sense of freedom and the strong narrative. What you can find though, is that these aspects of gameplay are not always comfortable bedfellows. When Re...

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An oldie, but a goodie... 0

 For anyone over the age of 25 this is really nothing new... This is essentially another version of a game which is over 20 years old. Now you might be thinking at this point - why on earth have Capcom resurrected this? Surely there's been some improvement in the fighting genre over the past two decades!? Well, no, not definately. The fact is there is only a limited amount of complexity you want in a fighting game, and possibly only a certain 'type' of complexity too. The main compet...

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A petrol heads dream, great graphics, cool customisation options. 0

 Okay, first of all - Forza 3 takes quite a few hours to play. If you've played any of the previous games or the Gran Turismo games you'll know the routine, race, win money, buy cars, upgrade them, rinse and repeat. Sounds pretty boring huh? Well, the racing itself is very good, the tracks are beautifully rendered and a pleasure to withhold, as are the cars. The cars also sustain visible car damage, which though rarely realistic looking - well illustrates the actual damage you've taken....

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Good game with great stealth elements. 2

 The Saboteur... Where to start? Well, the first thing that grabs you when playing this, is that it playes very much like a Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto Series game. You run around, get missions off people, steal cars, shoot people - that sort of thing... And that's true up to a certain point, but the more seasoned gamer will eventually be drawn much further back to an old PC game called Commando's and it's sequel. In Commando's the team had to get in, without alerting the guards, blo...

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An enjoyable Star Wars romp, with a decent story... 0

 First of all - The Force Unleashed on the whole is very enjoyable play. The elements that shine and breath life into it are the story and the characters. The characters are interesting and well written, and the canon characters who we know from old are expanded nicely, and behave believably... Even if the Emperor seems significantly more powerful at the end than 'Return of the Jedi' would have you believe... Without giving too much away you play a 'Galen Marek' stolen as a child by Dar...

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First Impressions, mediocre - mildly enjoyable but not amazing. 0

 Well - it's been long enough coming and here we have it - the long awaited 'The Sacrifice' DLC for Left 4 Dead. I played through it a few times last night on Campaign mode, enjoyed it - but wasn't blown off my feet.  Really - it feels like you've got Left 4 Dead 1 characters and game mechanics in Left 4 Dead 2 maps.  Everything's bright and sunny as you explore the Floriday Key's - you don't see any new infected, or L4D 2 infected though... There are some nice mechanics, like a bit where there'...

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