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First off, I will say I am a Christian, but I try not to "shove religion" down people's throats.

I love video games. I've been playing them since I was about five years old when I got a Super Nintendo that Christmas (though I had no idea what a video game even was back then, and I don't remember asking for an SNES either that year...)

I own all three major consoles of this generation, the Wii was my first this gen, then the 360, and finally the PS3. I don't align myself to any of these consoles (neutral), I find faults in all three, but despite these faults I love them all.

Currently, I would identify myself as a "rhythm gamer" mainly because I am a college student and video games are pretty expensive on such a limited budget, so I currently stick mainly to the Rock Band series and usually buy other games when they're on discount unless I get the chance to play games at a friend's house and find it to be worth being in my collection immediately.

I love music (rhythm gamer, this is probably obvious) I like just about any genre, though some I like more than others. If there were one band I think has no redeeming qualities, it would be brokeNCYDE. I just cannot find any appealing factors to their music.

Eventually I would like to learn to play a bass guitar, I just have to find the money to purchase a decent one to practice on, and the time to practice once I get a bass.


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I guess that's about it, really.