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Holy crap I won a fighting game tournament!

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2013 Will Likely be an Interesting Year for Me

This blog is kind of a spur of the moment thing, just felt like sharing a bit of things with people that notice this and read it.

So 2013 kind of started on a sour note already with a death in the family over my break from college, an aunt and the last member on my dad's side of the family in my immediate family. It's strange to think that my dad, uncle and aunt, people that I've known all my life and lived with for nearly as long are gone now, and it's sad to think that they won't see me graduate from college in May, something that all of them were looking forward to since I'm one of the first people in my family to go to college, let alone graduate.

Now that it's just my mother and I, we're about to move away from the home we've lived in for nearly 13 years now, but it's likely for the best. There's nothing left for either of us in the town we're living in now, so we're hoping for better and brighter things wherever we decide to move to. It will also get me closer to where I'm hoping to get a job once I graduate so that's another plus.

Though I'm really glad to nearly be done with college, it's sad to leave behind one of the best learning experiences I've had my entire life, being a Resident Assistant. If you had asked me if I thought I would be an RA when I was starting college, I would have likely laughed in your face but here I am. It has really helped me out a lot with coming out of my shell and I sincerely enjoy helping the people in my residence halls whenever I can. I've met a lot of really cool people and have learned a lot with this job, and hope that the things I learn help me to be a better person in general.

Finally, PAX East is just under two months away and both my best friend and I will be going this year. It will be the first time I've really been out of state on my own and the first time I'll be flying on a plane which is kind of exciting and very terrifying at the same time (I'm deathly afraid of heights) but I hope tackling that fear will really pay off. I hope to see a lot of you duders there and have a great time in Boston and hanging out with a lot of people that share the same passion I have with one of our favorite hobbies.

Thanks for reading.


My First Vinyl Record Plus a Question

As some of you may know, I love music. I have a shelf of over 250 CDs right behind me, and some that won't even fit in that anymore. Yesterday I went out to a nearby town to visit an independent record store I frequent when I'm in town. About 2 1/2 months ago was a thing called Record Store Day, which is a celebration of record stores everywhere. And they usually have exclusive releases (both CD and Vinyl) come out on those days.

Well, while I was looking through CDs, I noticed they still had plenty of things from Record Store Day still out so for laughs and giggles, I decided to walk over there to check things out. I knew of one release I was still interested in, a vinyl record. In recent months, a friend of mine and I had a discussion about music and how he collects vinyl. Due to that, my interest in vinyl had risen a bit. So I walked over to the shelf and sitting right there in plain view, was the very record I was interested in.

No Caption Provided

Only 2,500 of these were made, and each were numbered. I got record number 640, which I think is pretty good.

Now for the question, I'm thinking about starting to buy some vinyl records and I'm wondering if anyone on Giant Bomb can help me to decide on a record player that is at least decent, and won't cost me an arm and a leg.


The First (Almost) 6 Months of 2011

We're almost half way through 2011. Looking at my list of games I've played so far, I may not have made the best purchasing decisions, truth be told. Quite a few of these game purchases were more knee jerk reactions than sound and informed decisions. Guess that'll be my New Year's Resolution for next year. But let's look back at these games for a bit, shall we? I'll try to keep each of these short.

Rock Band Country Track Pack Volume 2: This was my first 2011 game I played. Kind of sad, but I'm still hanging on to my closet full of plastic instruments and I like country music so why not? The game unfortunately runs on the old Rock Band 1 engine. It's not quite as nice looking as Rock Band 3 and I can't sing worth a darn on that engine. I played through it on expert guitar and had a pretty fun time with it. Bass (my main instrument) was okay, and let's not talk about drums (hint: I suck at them) All of the songs can also be exported to any of the main games in the Rock Band franchise as well, and harmonies are included (when applicable) Unfortunately, there is no support for the keyboard peripheral, though there are clearly songs that have keys playing.

Overall: Good if you like country music, may not be for everyone else.

Stacking: Fun little puzzle game from the fine folks at Double Fine. I haven't been able to finish this one yet (blame college for that one) but the time I've spent with it so far was fun, and I had quite a few laughs so far. Some of the puzzle solutions were interesting, and trying to figure out every solution to any one puzzle (of which there are four for each) was pretty fun and creative. I hope to finish this in the coming weeks.

Overall: (So far) it's a humorous and fun puzzle game.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: This one I actually didn't buy, but played it at a friend's house during Spring Break. We held a small tournament (just so we're clear, my friends and I are casual players when it comes to fighting games) and then I played around with the single player stuff for a bit. Truthfully, I didn't have as much fun with it as I thought I would. Playing it while I was there felt like that was enough for me and didn't look back on that decision at all.

Overall: May be good for fighting fans, just isn't my cup of tea.

LittleBigPlanet 2: Another game I played at a friend's house. Sackboy still feels like he (or she) floats a bit too much. We played around with a few user created levels and some interesting videos. I think I may be done with the LittleBigPlanet franchise, but love the creativity of the fanbase and hope people that stick with the franchise have a lot of fun with user generated content and try to create some interesting levels themselves.

Overall: User generated content and trying to create your own levels are the highlight here.

Xbox Live Labs: Let's move on.

Pokemon Black/White: I fully blame my roommate for this one. The last Pokemon game I played was Colosseum way back when. This was also his first Pokemon game in quite some time. He would try every day to talk me into getting Black or White so we could battle. I finally gave in and purchased White. Had a great time with it. It was like going back to when I was 10 years old and trying to shove monsters into tiny balls to force them to fight my battles for me. Unfortunately, my roommate graduated before we could have that battle. Maybe some day we'll be able to have that fateful battle, but I won't hold my breath.

Overall: If you still have an interest in Pokemon, you may want to try this one out too.

Mortal Kombat: The first game I purchased for the Summer. It was also during the PSN outage. Like I said earlier, I'm not some pro at fighting games, I thought maybe I could train a bit and try my hand at Online play. I also thought this would be good for the one month I had a break then I'd go to work and never play it again. Surprisingly, that wasn't the case. The story mode in this game is a blast to play through, and actually kept me interested in what was happening (something very few, if any, fighting games have been able to do in the past) There's also quite a handful of unlockables, such as alternate costumes, music, and character art. There's also the Challenge Tower, which contains various missions and things to do, including a few mini games (Test Your Sight/Might/Strike/Luck) Some are humorous (one has you fight for your right to hate teddy bears) and later challenges will test your skills as well. With a new fighter coming out this week (and more coming throughout the Summer) I think I'll be playing this one until the end of the year.

Overall: Surprisingly, this is actually a contender for my personal Game of the Year. I'd recommend picking it up.

Beyond Good & Evil HD: Just as good as I remember it back on the PS2. It's a bit on the short side and an easy S Rank (for those of you interested in that sort of thing) This game is a jack-of-all-trades kind of game, being similar to Zelda, a focus on stealth later in the game, and covering wars before Frank West came on the scene. Unlike other games that try to be multiple things in one package, this one pulls off all of them really well. Here's to hoping Beyond Good & Evil 2 comes out before I die.

Overall: If you didn't pick this up back in the day, $10 isn't a huge asking price for a great game. For those that have played it, it still hold up pretty well, unlike the next game.

Prince of Persia Trilogy 3D: What a disappointment. I just didn't have as much fun with this as I did Beyond Good & Evil (coincidentally, this was also the case back when these games came out, but I actually enjoyed the PoP trilogy back then) The games didn't seem to get very many updates at all (except 3D, as the title suggests and which is useless to me) Perhaps this was just a casualty of nostalgia and should have just stayed in my memories.

Overall: If you're still a fan of the Prince of Persia franchise, and the Sands of Time trilogy in particular, this may be up your alley. But you might want to wait for a price drop.

inFamous 2: Specifically the Hero Edition. Really glad I picked it up, the statue and bag are nice, the comic was an interesting read, and the downloadable skins were kind of neat. As of this writing I've finished my Good playthrough, and am nearly half way through my Evil run. It improves on a lot of things from inFamous and traversing the islands in New Marais is incredibly fun. I won't lie, I stopped playing the main story a few times just so I could jump from building to building and gliding around to find blast shards and defeat enemies to make my powers grow. If you enjoyed the first inFamous, this will be right up your alley.

Overall: If you're a fan of the first game, don't hesitate. For others, this is still a fun game that improves on inFamous in just enough ways to make things feel fresh.

And there you have it, these are the ten games I've played so far in 2011. I still need to pick up Portal 2 and then I can wait for the big releases that are coming later this year. I have high hopes for the end of the year, with games such as Dark Souls, Twisted Metal, the Zone of the Enders collection, and many, MANY more games, I and many others will have plenty of great games to keep us busy until 2012. Let's just hope our bodies and wallets are ready.


About Time I Got Time to Write This!

Record Store Day 2011

You could probably tell from my last blog I was pretty excited for this.  Got up early, waited for a few friends, and we headed to the local independent record store, Cheap Thrills Records.  This was my second RSD and their first.  The store had a special 20% off everything in the store except for the special Record Store Day items.  That included CDs, vinyl records, shirts, movies, and video games.  I opted out for just CDs and walked away with about nine of them for $60, including a QotSA single (Sick, Sick, Sick) and a poster for free. 

(I tried to add a gallery here, but college internet seems to be making that very slow, just look through my images if you're really curious about what I got)

The only RSD exclusive I picked up was a sampler for a Jimi Hendrix tribute album, with Cee Lo Green, Carlos Santana, and one other artist I can't remember off the top of my head.  This sort of leads to my next topic.

Resident Assistant Job: The Results

After a couple of months, I finally found out if I got the RA job I've been talking about for a while now.  I got the letter a few weeks ago, and I did not get the job.  I wasn't too down about it, the whole process was pretty fun, and I met quite a few new people and even learned a little about myself.  However, I could return the letter they sent me and tell them to keep my stuff on file in case someone couldn't come back for whatever reason.

Now you may be asking "Well, how does a Jimi Hendrix tribute sampler come into play here?"  Well, let me tell you.  One of the Resident Directors is big on music, he's in about three or four bands and saw me wearing a Record Store Day shirt a while back.  He went to another local record store that day and got a pretty decent haul himself, but did not get the Hendrix CD, so I was going to let him borrow it.  So he came up to my room tonight to get it from me and then asked if he could come in to talk to me about something and I said sure.

He asked me if I was still interested in being an RA, because an unexpected opening in one of the dorms came up.  I accepted, and my summer is cut down by one week, but I will be an RA next semester.  The reason why the opening happened?  One of the buildings will be making one floor into a male floor.  The building is coed.

 I kid, I kid.
 I kid, I kid.

That's really all I got for now.  Thank you for reading!

Preparing for Record Store Day 2011

It's almost that time of year again for Record Store Day!

No Caption Provided
I've decided to make a list for people that may have an interest in Record Store Day to help make this wonderful "holiday" run as smoothly as possible.

Find a Participating Store Near You!

That's easy enough, just go here and search your state (if you're in the United States) and here if you're from another country.  And even if your local record store doesn't show up, they may very well still celebrate RSD through various discounts, free schwag, and other ways.

Have a Look at the Special Releases for RSD!

Every year, many bands release exclusive versions of albums for Record Store Day.  Here's a list of all the special releases coming out this year.  However, not every record store will carry every single release, which brings up my next point.

Plan Ahead

There are a few ways to do this.

1.  Look at the Special Releases Above.

Kind of redundant, but take special care to look above and try to find something that may interest you.  These items will likely become very rare collector's items and will be very difficult to find after Record Store Day.

2.  Check Out Your Record Store.

Go in and ask if the employee(s) know what kind of special items they may get in for RSD.  Also ask if they have any special plans for the day, such as discounts and special events (bands playing throughout the day, for example)

3.  Make a List.

With so many things going on, it can be difficult to remember everything you might want to check out while you're at your favorite record store.  Making a list is vitally important, it is very difficult to remember exactly what you want to check out.

4.  Show Up Early.

Like I said above, many of the items for RSD will become rare after the day.  If you know your record store will have an item you really want, show up as early as you can to purchase it.

5.  Plan to Make Return Trips.

Main reason for this is if there's special events happening later in the day.  Last year at my local record store, a local band had a CD release party for their new album and played for a while that evening.  I couldn't go to it last year, but heard it was a blast.

Have Fun!

Seriously, just have as much fun as you can.

If anyone has other possible suggestions, leave them in the comments below.  Let's try to make this the best Record Store Day possible!

Road to Being a Resident RA Part 3 (Final)

This will be my last blog dedicated to this.  When I know for sure whether I am or am not an RA, it will be mentioned in a future blog next month.
The application process of being an RA is essentially over.  This past week I had an interview, "Mock Duty" night, and two meetings to go to.  I already mentioned my interview in my last blog, so let's talk about Mock Duty.  I had to work with an RA at the other male dorm on campus, South Towers.  As you can probably tell by the name, it's a fairly tall building.  We would start from the 10th floor and go down the the 3rd (or ground) floor.  While going from floor to floor, we would briefly step outside twice.  Did I mention I was afraid of heights?  Yeah, that was a bit of an experience.  But I didn't freak out or anything, just tensed up a bit every time until we reached the fifth floor (usually).
Our first meeting (which lasted about 2 1/2 hours) was fairly simple.  We went around a circle telling our names, why we want to be an RA, our majors and whatever else.  Then you would have to name everyone that had already introduced themselves.  Funny story, one guy that sat next to me looks similar to me.  Needless to say, people would get our names mixed up.  Fun times, really.  Then we would listen to a few RAs give stories about their experiences.  Then a brief break.  During this break, we had to go out and claim a paper on the wall as our own and put our name on a paper.  Then people would put positive things about you on your paper.  It was nice.   Kind of out of order pictures below:

Then we came back and found out our "True Color" which are Green, Orange, Blue and Gold.  Greens are the incredibly smart ones, Oranges are the hyperactive/athletic, Blues are the incredibly friendly and peacemakers, and Gold are the ones that follow the rules and need lists for everything.  Needless to say, I was:
(Had to find some way to get something Rock Band-related into this blog!)
That was it for the first meeting.  The second lasted about five hours.  On a Saturday.  But it wasn't so bad, really.  We heard more stories, many humorous, one that was incredibly tense, and had a few "rules" put up on a wall.  Then we split up into groups and had to enact different scenarios.  My group got "Someone smells incredibly bad, how do you handle this?"  Yeah... but all of the scenarios were fun.  After each group performed, the RAs and Resident Directors would say how these scenarios would probably be handled (if we were way off the mark, nobody really was) and sometimes give personal experiences similar to them.  After all ten groups performed, we went to lunch.
When we came back, we basically went through a version of Speed Dating.   RA applicants would sit with an RA and talk for about five minutes and move on.  I sat with one of the RAs in my residence hall and all hell broke loose.  "ROB THE MAN!"  "GREATEST DESKWORKER EVER!" etc.  Yikes, but at the same time, left me feeling humble.  And that was about it for this final meeting.  
Now I just go about my daily business, where I'll probably be watched closely by current RAs and RDs until around April 11th, then letters should be going out telling us if we were hired or not.  Even if someone isn't hired, they shouldn't be discouraged.  Someone may decide not to go through with the job or may not come back to the university at all.  So even if I'm not picked right now, there's a good chance I may be further down the road.  And even then, if I don't get the job, I feel like that's alright.  I met a lot of new people (applicants and current RAs in other buildings) and even learned a little about myself in the process.

One Rough Week or "The Spring Break from Hell"

Road to be an RA Part II

Part 1 Here
Let's start with this first and get it out of the way.  Just had my interview to be an RA yesterday.  The questions were pretty standard (Why do you want to be an RA, strengths and weaknesses, what would you do if you were shrunk down to the size of a pencil and stuck in a blender)  A few things changed on me too before I came back that I wasn't fully aware of.  I had signed up for a "Mock Duty Night" (work with an RA during his rounds around his building for a few hours) and had signed up to do mine last night.  However it was moved up to the day I came back from Spring Break.
Luckily I was working for one of the Resident Directors (who, coincidentally was one of the two people that were interviewing me) so they let that slide.  Now I do my Mock Duty Night tonight instead.  This weekend will be training for a lot of us.  Which means I'll be getting up rather early on a Saturday and spending five hours doing a bunch of things. 


I've been spending a lot of time with the Wiki on here lately.  I finally reached 1,000 Wiki Points about a week before my Spring Break.  Then took a break and played around on the wiki a bit.  It's pretty neat to make live edits to most things on pages once you hit this milestone.  So I used this new found power and made a bunch of edits to pages, including what is probably my proudest wiki achievement to date.  Which got me this:

No Caption Provided
The page that got me this was Drakengard.  I was just really surprised when the page was completely empty of everything when I was looking for information on how Drakengard and Nier connected story-wise.  So yeah, pretty happy about it, and that brought me to over 2000 points.


Yeah, Spring Break, that time when many of us get out of school/college/university for about a week.  Time to relax at the beach, hang out with some friends, and just chill out and get away from the stress of your classes.  I did most of this, I got to see some friends I hadn't seen in a long time (one I hadn't seen for nearly a year) and had time to kick back and relax.  I picked up a few games during the break too, like Bayonetta (because I had heard it was fun... ), Enslaved and Nier (the last two mainly because of the warm reception most of the Giant Bomb community gave it, and I'm enjoying both quite well!).  However, about half way through the week things went south pretty fast.
Sinuses are a pain.  Period.  Luckily that's starting to go away.  Apparently I also owe my college about $960.  I think that can be taken care of, but first I would have to call someone.  That's a bit of a problem, however.  The phones at home have been out for almost a week now too.  That makes things a little difficult when you're away from home and you really want to talk to someone at home.  That makes things even more difficult when there's a medical emergency and you need an ambulance.

And here's the lowest point of Spring Break

My mom and I were eating breakfast my last Saturday home before I'm supposed to head back to college.  My uncle lives downstairs in our basement (he has an apartment down there with a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, not just some old basement) and usually takes my dog downstairs with him (I guess to keep him company)  
We knew he was on his way upstairs when we heard his door shut downstairs.  Next thing we heard was a thud in our kitchen.  Mom called out to him and there was no answer.  We both went to the kitchen as fast as we could only to see him collapsed near the kitchen door.  Mom went to get my cellphone (thank God I didn't forget that at college) and was luckily able to get a call out (it's very hard to get a signal at my house)  We picked my uncle up and sat him in the chair.  He was able to talk, but at varying levels.  Sometimes he said coherent words, other times he babbled on and we couldn't understand him.  
By the time ambulances arrived though, he was able to talk fine.  The paramedics think he may have had a transient ischemic attack, or a mini-stroke.  But my uncle's a stubborn one though.  He refused to go to the hospital because we're trying to get him new insurance (the old company we went through is no more)  He is also our driver, we can't afford to add me to the insurance of our vehicle so I can't drive, and my mom has/had seizures.  I was able to get back to my college though (as seen above) thanks to a good friend of mine.  However, I worry a lot right now.  As stated above, the phones are out back home (mom refused to take my cellphone when I offered her to keep it while I'm here) and they won't be fixed until tomorrow at the earliest.  So I haven't heard anything from home for the past few days.  I just hope nothing else has happened since I came back.

Road to Being a Resident Assistant Part 1

As I briefly mentioned in my last blog, I would like to be a Resident Assistant at my college campus.  Just got back from an interest meeting.  Wasn't too long, only about half an hour.  They went over the basics and mentioned a few things we should be aware of (setting an example to students, don't break the rules, etc.)  Already the odds are stacked against me, as of right now there's only four open slots across the whole campus for male RAs.  A few more spots could open up by the end of the semester, but it's probably best not to get my hopes up too much.  
These next two weeks will be pretty normal, I just have to get my application and a résumé into the Housing Office before my Spring Break starts.  After that though, the selection process really begins.  Interviews, working with one of the RAs in my dorm for about two-three hours, and a few more meetings will pretty much take up the rest of my March.  the first couple of weeks of April will probably kill me, that's when the decisions are finally made.  
That's basically it for now.  Wish me luck, hopefully I won't give up before the end.


First Month (or so) of the Spring Semester

So this past week marked the end of the first month of the second semester of my third year at college/university.  Let's talk about that for a bit, shall we?


This semester I decided to take an extra class, normally I try to hit about 16 hours but I'm a bit behind so I'm trying to add a few more hours to try and get back to where I should be.  This semester I hit 18.
  • English Grammars
  • History of Ideas II (Philosophy 102)
  • Survey of American Literature II (have not taken I yet)
  • Advanced Technical Writing
  • Feature Writing
  • People and Their Social Environment (Sociology 101)
Plenty of English classes this semester, which is normal (English major with a writing emphasis)  So far I haven't had too many problems in my classes except maybe the Survey course.  We're working on a project in Advanced Tech. Writing that may possibly change some of the English classes we have available here.  Basically, no matter what sort of emphasis you have in the English department, you're pretty much a literature emphasis because of its dominance over everything.  I have a writing emphasis and have to take five literature courses (and that's not including the general studies requirements) and only two writing courses.  Not sure if we will actually change anything, and even if we do, it won't benefit us in any real way, but if it can help future students, I say it's worth a shot.


This is the last semester my roommate and his fiance will be here, they graduate this semester.  Kind of sad to see them go, they've been my best friends since I started rooming with him (first roommate was forced to move into a different room closer to a Resident Assistant (RA from here on out) after an incident.  Not sure if I'll get a roommate as good as him after this year.
I have the same Work Study job I've had for the past year now, being a desk worker at my dorm.  Pretty much sit around and sell food and drinks (when available) and exchange money for quarters for students that need it.  It's not a hard job at all, and it helps to buy food and other items when necessary.  Not sure if I'll do this next semester though, it all depends on a meeting this week.
I'm considering being an RA next semester.  It just seems like the right move for me at this point.  Not really going to talk more about this until after the meeting this week.


Last semester was a bad one for me.  Most of my friends had graduated and others just didn't seem to want to hang out anymore.  This semester seems to be much better, though.  Some of the people that I didn't get to hang out with are talking to me again, so yay human interaction!


I haven't really been able to get a lot of gaming in yet.  I purchased The Beatles: Rock Band instrument bundle a few weeks ago, but had it sent home instead of to campus.  I finally hit the 800 song mark in Rock Band 3 last week, went and bought a lot of songs from my back catalog of music I wanted to get since the game came out last year.  As for playing Rock Band 3, I haven't been able to do a whole lot of that either.  Just got over some bug that's been going around campus and still have a cough, so I can't sing for long or I go into huge coughing fits.  I've been putting off trying out Pro Keys since I got the keyboard at the end of last year, but renewed my interest in the instrument a few days ago.   
Torchlight has been taking up a lot of my gaming time these past few weeks.  It's just a really fun game to play in one hour bursts.  Also picked up the Penny Arcade Adventures bundle from Steam when it was on sale.  I've only been able to play the first one for a few minutes and that's about it.
Roommate bought his first next-gen console, a Wii, this past week.  Looking through the games he bought, there's a lot of shovelware.  But he had a spare Wii Motion Plus and remote jacket that he's selling to me for $5, seems like a good deal to me.


Music has probably been the single most thing that has gotten me through this past two and a half years ever since I started coming to college.  It's a huge part of my life, and I love collecting CDs.  Last I counted (October) I had over 200 CDs in my collection.  Here's what I've added to my collection since the beginning of the semester.
  • Super Meat Boy 2 Disc Soundtrack
  • The Rules of Hell Box Set [Black Sabbath]
  • At San Quentin (Legacy Edition) [Johnny Cash]
  • Twilight of the Thunder God [Amon Amarth]
  • Tear It Up/Your Rules Single/DVD [Andrew W.K.]
  • The Collective Calm in Mortal Oblivion EP [Abnormality]
  • The Slay Stack Grows: Early Demos and Live Recordings [Slough Feg]
  • Versus the World [Amon Amarth]

The End

I've probably spent too much time writing a wall of text nobody will bother to really read all the way through.  I feel like I probably left a lot of info out that would have been nice, and probably added a bunch of useless stuff to take the place of that.  For those of you that made it this far, hope you have a great week, might try to do a weekly blog, that seems to be what all the cool people are doing.  Hopefully I'll have something better than this.

Short Thoughts on Country Track Pack 2

Not really about the songs.  You either like country music or you hate it.  More about the gameplay on disc.  If you want/need to see/listen to the songs, might I suggest looking through thenewnoelisoncruz's YouTube channel?
Edit:  Made a playlist of the above videos so you don't have to go through newer videos released since this pack came out.  Missing the song "Mama Tried" by Merle Haggard, was copyrighted.
This track pack is my second for the Rock Band series (first was the AC/DC track pack)  It runs on the Rock Band 1 engine, kind of disappointing, but that's what exporting is for.  Can only play Bass (my main instrument) in quick play or the "Band Tour" mode, no separate Bass Solo Tour.  Once I play completely through the Solo Tour and get a friend to play through Band Tour and I'll probably give the disc to my one friend that plays Rock Band about as much as I do.
Was that short enough?

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