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It isn't necessary, though you might get more out of it if you do with some of the jokes and a few of the characters from the mainline Borderlands games. Main things you might want to know about are the characters Handsome Jack and Athena.

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I'll be picking up Sun on launch, but I'm sure I'll be getting both eventually.

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Guess I won't be taking a vacation that week like I had planned. Would have been perfect since a few days beforehand Video Games Live will be playing in a city near me, then take a week off for P5. Oh well, guess I can take a vacation the week before or after Record Store Day next year and get plenty of time in for it then.

Edit: Also really like the music used in that free PS4 theme.

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Since there's a pretty vocal group around that hates the Borderlands franchise after the first game, I suppose that might be it. I also likely won't tell many people that I got all the good endings in Katawa Shoujo back when that came out.

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Just finished Devin Townsend's autobiography "Only Half There" that I pre-ordered months ago and finally received last week.

I'd give it a 4/5

He really dives deep into his psyche most of the time throughout the book with a few humorous stories and asides. I really wish he would have talked more about how each album was recorded and his relationship with some of the people he collaborated with (especially on the Deconstruction album by the Devin Townsend Project) It was a fun read though. Not sure if you can purchase it anywhere right now though if you didn't pre-order it way back in... April? It's been a while.

This doesn't factor into my rating at all, but a pre-order bonus was you can have your name printed in the book, which is kind of neat.

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I would assume this may require a Gold account on Xbox One? If not, I may jump on this or maybe get a sub for a few months. I have over a thousand songs though I know I won't be as good as I used to be due to rust and not being able to use the old GH 2 controller that I'm so used to.

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Was going to, but apparently the theater my friend and I were going to only had it for three days instead of the whole week.

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My weekend just started. Planning to play some more Shadow Lords in Killer Instinct and maybe a few other games this weekend (some Borderlands stuff on Xbox One, a mix of Street Fighter V, King of Fighters XIV, Doom and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood on PS4)

When I go back to work, I'll only have to deal with one co-worker that I don't like for one day at the most (though its in the middle of her vacation this week and she has threatened management that she will call in, so might not have to work with her at all next week)

My copy of The Dillinger Escape Plan's newest (and likely last) album should be here today, but I have a complimentary download of it for pre-ordering it so I can enjoy it some beforehand. And my Kickstarter-exclusive version of Joking Hazard (a card game by the creators of webcomic Cyanide and Happiness) should also be in today.

Should also be seeing Shin Godzilla tomorrow with a friend if we can get through traffic and out of town since Bridge Day is also tomorrow.

Overall, feeling pretty good.

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I imagine now that Doom's soundtrack is out, people will be adding that to their rotation.

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Feels strange that there was some sort of hate for Death's "The Sound of Perseverance." I might be biased though since it was my first Death album.

My top five favorite bands (with top three favorite songs from each, and from different albums so one album doesn't dominate each band's list) are probably (in no particular order):

Gojira: The Heaviest Matter of the Universe, Esoteric Surgery, Only Pain

Queens of the Stone Age: Go With the Flow, I'm Designer, If I Had a Tail

Dream Theater: Wait for Sleep, Space-Dye Vest, The Spirit Carries On

Rush: 2112, Limelight, Cities of Gold

This one is probably a cop-out, but any of Devin Townsend's bands (Strapping Young Lad, solo stuff, Devin Townsend Band, Devin Townsend Project, Casualties of Cool, anything else I may have missed.): Skeksis (SYL), Sumeria (DTP) and Offer Your Light (DTP)