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Holy crap I won a fighting game tournament!

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Games I've Played/Beaten in 2020

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  • Beaten: January 12 (PS4)

    FINALLY! I played this game way back in 2004 or so, got to the final dungeon and just burned out and never finished it. Sad, I know. But thanks to the PS4 version, it gave me another chance to beat it. Burned out again a couple years ago but finally came back to finish this classic game. Just in time for Remake too! Not a bad game to start the year with either.

  • Beaten: February 10 (PS4)

    Been playing this on and off for years but never made much progress. In the span of a weekend I beat the three other bosses before the final boss without much issue which feels fun. Might not go through too much more of NG+ but it's nice to finally beat this once after all these years.

  • Co-Op Campaign Beaten: February 24 (Xbox One through Game Pass)

    I have... mixed feelings on this game. It's easily the least polished game I've played in the franchise (never played Judgement so I can't comment on it) So many glitches like being sent thousands of feet into the air after a cutscene and after landing, I can't move. Que reload. Jack missing upgrades during the third act. A hard crash (maybe my first hard crash I've ever had on an Xbox One game) We started playing the game about a month and a half ago and it took this long partially because I just dreaded playing it and being continuously frustrated. But when the game worked, it's still a pretty solid Gears game, but I sadly didn't care much about the story. If I were to give the game a rating, I'd probably give it a 3/5.

  • Hanzo Campaign Complete: February 29 (PS4)

    With Yumi being in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle and Homura being in that Nitro Plus Blasterz fighting game, I figured now was the time to try this franchise out, plus it was on sale on PSN. I wanted a Dynasty Warriors-style game and unfortunately this didn't quite scratch that itch. It's fine, but I doubt I'll play another SK game. The missions are too short and I didn't really care much about the story. Plus some of the fanservice is a bit too much for my liking. The Platinum trophy seems easy enough so I'll go for that and be done with the game. I do enjoy the music though.

    Hebijo Story Complete/Platinum Trophy Earned: March 1 (PS4)

    And that's that. Pretty easy Platinum trophy, especially after unlocking Daidoji and using her to clean up any loose ends. I think I'm starting to come around to the game a bit more now that I got the platinum, but I think I've had my fill of the series for now.

  • Arcade Mode Finish: March 6

    So far this is a pretty fun fighting game. Got a few matches in with a friend where they demolished me for the first hour or so since they had it a few days more than I, but I eventually started to win a few myself after I got the hang of some of the systems and characters. I can definitely see myself really getting into this one, especially with the RPG mode as well.

  • Story Mode Complete: March 8

    This is more in line with what I was wanting from SK last month/early this month. I've been familiar with the Berserk franchise but haven't read/watched anything from the series outside of clips/reviews so this is my first real taste of the bleak universe of Berserk. Not bad, it makes me want to pick up some volumes of the manga someday.

    I will say one major gripe I had with the game was the localization. More than a few glaring grammatical errors that could take me out of the game a bit too much sometimes.

    Endless Abyss Level 100 Complete (Guts): March 12

    Holy crap, I legitimately had a magic pixel left with no healing items left. One more hit and I would have had to go back to level 81 and I really didn't want to do that. Thankfully I pushed through and just barely made it. That was definitely a bit of a fun challenge though. Not sure if I'll go through it again with other characters or not.

  • 100% Trophy Completion/Platinum Trophy: March 21

    Didn't think I'd get this one after resolving to get it this week so soon afterwards but here we are. Which kind of stinks because I was going to use that as a major goal for my weekend but I finished it in less than half an hour after I got home... Still though, definitely the best playing Borderlands game, but the story left me wanting. The first DLC was a blast though! Got all of the trophies for that DLC too, which wasn't difficult. Also that's two platinum trophies in less than a month. Maybe I could go for three?

  • Dramatic Log (Story Mode) Complete: April 10 (PS4)

    PW3 is probably my favorite Musou style game out there so I was excited to try this one out. In some ways I feel like it takes a few steps forward with air combat and a couple other features, but maybe takes a couple back as well with so much of the original story given the briefest of recaps if they're not skipped over entirely. I'll be playing some of the one-off missions and I'll have more thoughts on my feelings later. I'm aiming to get the Platinum trophy for this as well since it seems really simple to do.

  • Story Mode Complete: May 2 (PC through Game Pass) (Co-Op)

    Oh boy, time for the most glowing mini-review I've done this year so far! If you enjoy old school beat-em ups, you absolutely owe it to yourself to play this game! The difficulty on Normal feels just right, it's not too long but not so short you catch yourself saying "...that's it!?" Once you start getting your scores up, there seems to be a nice drip feed of unlockables to keep you coming back to play more. The animations and combos are incredibly fun to look at and pull off, plus it's a great idea that you get recoverable health when doing specials so there's a risk of still getting hurt but a reward that you can heal after using a super if you can hit your opponents. I can say with certainty that as of this typing, this is the most fun game I've played so far this year. Still need to play Persona 5 Royal and FFVII Remake though.

  • All from the PS4 Legendary Edition

    Dawnguard Story Complete: May 3

    Maybe the first time I've ever beat this? I remember at least getting the bow the last time I tried to play this on the Xbox One. A relatively short but fun little campaign.

    Main Story/Civil War Complete: May 3

    I've at least completed the Civil War plotline way back on the 360 but I honestly don't know if I ever beat the game proper. (Edit: Looked at 360 Achievements, I did) I didn't burn out this time like I always seem to when playing Skyrim, maybe because I tried to stick to a build instead of trying to max out most skills and being a master of none of them by the endgame. It was the perfect open world game for me to play to scratch that itch. I completed the Companions, Mage and Thieves Guilds as well with Dark Brotherhood coming soon as well. But for now I think I've had my fill of the world of Elder Scrolls.

  • Game Completed (Xbox One, Co-Op, Game Pass)

    Eh, I didn't really enjoy this game all that much. The gunplay felt really off, the loot wasn't fun, and sometimes the randomized enemies became too much even with two people. It's not awful, but it's not great either.

  • Campaign Complete (MCC, Xbox One, Game Pass, co-op)

    This was a lot shorter than I remember. Still, it's Halo and everything felt fine, especially in comparison to SW2 above. This is also probably the most memorable story in the series for me too, so huge ups for that. Definitely a high point for Bungie to go out on before handing the reigns to 343 Studios.

  • Remastered (PS4)

    Have not completed. I have played a good portion of it and I hate to say it, this game hasn't aged very well. Sadly I don't really have the drive to continue playing this one.

  • Completed the main story and a good portion of the post game content on PS4 but I eventually tired of the grind. I may return to it but it will be a while.

  • Beat this for the first time on PS4. Originally had it on PS3 but only got to the city before I dropped it. I enjoy it more now, but sadly the first area is probably the best and the areas you go to get progressively worse as the game continues. I'll probably jump into Riptide soon but I feel like Dying Light is the superior game.

  • Played on PC. I feel like I would enjoy this game more if there were actual loot to get and not just monster coins and upgrades for your characters.

  • Played a good portion of the first episode through Game Pass and I enjoyed what I played of it. Sadly my GP sub will end before I can go back to it.

  • Didn't care for it, sadly.

  • Not as good as Streets of Rage 4 but it was still a fun game to play through with a friend. I also know several people that had a hand in getting this game out so it's nice to support them.

  • Still a ton of fun. The music is excellent. Brings back memories of me showing the game off to friends that dismissed it outright to slowly coming around to it as the Katamari grew to a planet sized ball of junk.

  • Beat Sword, still need to beat Shield. Have only just started the post game in Sword. Decided to take a break. Might jump back in with the second DLC soon. Still need to finish the first as well.

  • It's a fun Gacha game and I enjoy exploring the world, but I feel like I'm losing interest and only doing the daily commissions right now. Hopefully the next big patch will reignite my interest a bit. I might throw a little money at it later but for now I've been having fun with the free pulls and such.

  • Co-Op on PS4 (October 25)

    We beat it with two people. It's a fun and sometimes hectic game that I wouldn't recommend playing while sleep deprived. After a good night's rest, it didn't take much for us to beat it. 4/5 game.