Games/DLC/Etc. I Played or Completed in 2018

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  • Main Campaign Complete: February 19

    First Monster Hunter game I've really played (rented the original over a decade ago on PS2 but didn't play much of it at all) and I love it. It's the perfect MH game for newcomers to jump into for sure. As of this writing (middle of March) it's easily my favorite game of 2018.

    Deviljho Defeated: March 28

    A friend and I co-opped this fight a couple times. Pretty aggressive but nothing worse than what we've already been through.

  • Didn't complete this, didn't even come close. It's my fault for not doing more research into this game before buying it but because the story is locked behind either grinding out the boring single player arena-style mode or bashing my head against the wall through multiplayer with randoms (because none of my friends picked it up) I decided the game wasn't for me and traded it in.

  • Taking place alongside the story of the original Cyber Sleuth game, it's a pretty good companion piece so far, but it's been on the backburner for a bit due to playing a bunch of MHW co-op and finally getting the chance to play some Bloodborne through PS+. Once new releases stop coming in, I hope to go back to this one.

  • Story Mode Complete: February 18

    Bought this game at launch but with MHW coming out the same day and taking over most of my gaming life and the general slog of getting through the three arcs in this story mode meant it took a while to complete it. Besides that, the game is a blast to play for pros and fighting game newbies. It's incredibly fun to watch too.

  • Arcade Edition

    This is probably the best this game has ever been as of this writing. There's finally a pretty fun arcade mode for people who wanted more single player content, but there's always a catch. A bit frustrated with how little Fight Money people can get now due to Capcom removing Fight Money rewards from completing certain things in-game so now you'll have to do weekly missions (which also cut the amount of FM you earn by completing them) level up characters through character stories/training mode or grind out wins online. Still having fun though and I feel like this is definitely a fun fighting game that people should jump in on. Can't wait for EVO and other big tournaments to start up so I can watch how much the Arcade Edition additions change the competitive scene.


    I finally get to try out what some might say is the best PS4 exclusive out there right now, and I'm having a blast with it. I think I just defeated the fifth boss of the game (Witch of Hemwick) and can't wait to slowly make my way through this game some more.

    Cleric Beast/Father Gascoigne/Vicar Amelia Defeated: March 12

    Blood-Starved Beast/Witch of Hemwick Defeated: March 16

    Darkbeast Paarl Defeated: March 19

    This guy gave me some trouble for some reason until the last time I fought him, then he was practically a cakewalk. Didn't grind much for him or anything, just went in and attacked.

    Shadow of Yharnam Defeated: March 23

    Decided to really farm this area a good bit before going in to fight this guy. Thankfully I had two summons to help out a lot during the fight and won first try. Doesn't matter if I summoned so long as I lived to see another day.

    Rom, the Vacuous Spider Complete: March 23

    Died once because I ran out of potions due to the hunter before this fight, but came back and won the second time through.

    Bloody Crow of Cainhurst Defeated: March 25

    Not a boss in the typical sense but his absurd damage output, health, defense and mobility are not to be taken lightly at all. Glad I don't have to fight this guy again.

    The One Reborn Defeated: March 26

    Not too difficult, the acid was the worst attack because I was away from the steps but got out just in time. The level was more difficult than this guy was.

    Martyr Logarius Defeated: March 27

    Killed me once because I didn't know one of his moves could phase through the pillars around the area we fought. Came close to beating me the second time but a few well placed parries did him in for good.

    Amygdala Defeated: March 28

    Couldn't hit his arms at first and nearly died before I switched my saw cleaver to the longer form. After that I took one more good hit but otherwise it became much easier. Side note: I skipped a large portion of this level because screw poison levels in these games.

    Celestial Emissary Defeated: March 28

    Well, that was easy. I'm sure the next boss will be much more difficult.

    Eberitas Defeated: March 28

    My first run arguably went better than my second even though I barely triumphed in the second fight. My summon survived until my death the first run when I got the boss down to the last 20% but died almost immediately the second time around so I struggled through the last half of the fight but eventually won by the skin of my teeth.

    Micolash Defeated: March 30

    Well that was annoying.

    Mergo's Wet Nurse Defeated: March 30

    Hit me a lot but it doesn't really seem super aggressive so I just picked when to attack and when to leave it alone.

    Ending 1 Complete: March 30

    Put my save on the cloud beforehand so I can get the other two endings without going through the game again. As much as I enjoy it, I think once is enough for a good while.

    Ending 2 Complete: April 2

    Been doing Chalice Dungeons between getting the first and second ending. Not terribly difficult but I also know I'm really overlevelled as well. Ending 3 shouldn't be much more difficult from what I hear. Definitely going for the Platinum here, I'm getting close to getting the Chalice Dungeon trophy and I should have all the main game weapons soon as well. Going to hit the DLC more soon as well.

    Ludwig Defeated: April 4

    I'm clearly overlevelled for most of this DLC now because I kind of tore right through Ludwig and I really don't mean to brag when I type that.

    Living Failures Defeated: April 4

    They hit me a couple times when they did the meteor attack but I blocked the rest with the statue in the center of the arena and they only cast it once before I beat them. Not very difficult.

    Lady Maria Defeated: April 4

    Parry, parry, parry. Felt similar to the Gehrman fight. Really fun!

    Laurence Defeated: April 4

    Actually died once to this boss during the last phase of the fight. Struggled during the end of my second run of the fight but got the win. Now on to the Fishing Hamlet later.

    Orphan of Kos Defeated/100% The Old Hunter Trophies Complete: April 5

    Defeated Kos on my first try, but it took a bit because a few combos almost did me in. Felt good to finish that up for sure. Now to get back to the Chalice Dungeons.

    Ending 3 Complete: April 6

    Stuck on a Dungeon Boss, so decided to mark this one off the list so I can try to dedicate my time to the Chalice Dungeon. Final boss wasn't very difficult but it has some tricks that can really mess you up if you're not careful. One more trophy to go for 100%/Platinum.

  • I bought a Switch this year, and this was the first game I bought for it due to the Special Edition being on sale for less than $50. It's a Warriors game, besides a few things the Fire Emblem series brings to the table (such as the weapon wheel and permadeath if you want it) there's not much to say about it. I'm still a fan of Warriors games, they're easy to jump right into and blow off some steam by killing thousands of enemies in minutes. Haven't made it in too far yet though so I'll update this more as I make my way through it.

  • First Trackmaster Medal Obtained: April 6

    Was just trying to go for gold on one certain track and when I finally beat the Gold Medal, I got this as well. I'll take it! This game's pretty fun so far and a great game to take my mind off of Bloodborne when a boss is beating me around like a toy.

  • First Time Arcade Mode Complete: April 7

    Had an alright time with the original at a friend's house but wasn't blown away by it but with Cross Tag Battle on the horizon I figured I'd give the latest version of the game a shot and boy I'm having a blast with it now that I have time to play it at my own pace. Recommended!

  • Chapters 1 and 2 Complete (PS4, Co-Op, Normal Difficulty): April 11

    Game Complete (PS4, Co-Op, Normal): May 23

    Desperate Struggle DLC Complete: May 28

    More action-oriented than the first DLC but it loses some of the atmosphere as well so a step, not sure how I feel about it from just that but overall a good bit of DLC. Tried Mercenaries with a friend after this and that was fun, my first time playing the mode and it was fun. I can see why they bring that mode back in various games in the series.

  • Complete: April 13 (PS4, part of the ADK Damashii compilation)

    Not much to say, it's your run of the mill arcade vertical scrolling shoot 'em up.

  • Completed: April 13 (PS4, ADK Damashii comp.)

    See above except it's a side scrolling beat-em-up instead with ranged attacks. Actually a pretty neat concept.

  • Completed: April 26

    Full disclosure, I only got into this series last year with 0 and Kiwami but watched/read up on stuff from 2-5 to prepare me for this since Kiwami 2 isn't out here yet and I don't have a way to play 3-5 currently.

    I really enjoyed this game despite some flaws and lack of styles to switch to. I thought it was a good end to the Kiryu saga and I can't wait to see what comes next and learn a bit more about the new protagonist they've shown off so far.

  • Remastered Version on PS4

    Rang the First Bell: May 28

    I'm officially at and past where I quit the original game back in 2011 so I'm happy I finally got better with the game after turtling through Demon's Souls way back when. Nearly beat DS3 before starting this up but didn't want to post too much about it like I did Bloodborne. I'll probably post other updates from that soon.

    Beat the game: June 13

    Completely forgot to update anything on this game until today, whoops. Not as difficult as I remember and certain things haven't aged well compared to what I've played of 3 so far, but still a classic that I couldn't appreciate when it first came out due to life stuff going on at the time. I'm glad I had the chance to go back to this game again, even if the final boss can be trivialized through parries.

  • Episode BlazBlue Complete: June 5

    Episode P4 Complete: June 5

    Episode UNIEL Complete: June 7

    Episode RWBY Complete: June 7

    True Ending Complete: June 8

    Possibly my favorite fighting game so far this year. Let's go ArcSys All Stars!

  • Hey, this game is a lot more fun than I thought it would be. It does a few things different from other Souls-like games that I appreciate (targeting specific body parts, for example) and the sci-fi setting is nice.

    A Walk in the Park DLC Complete: July 1

    Not terribly difficult since I'm near the end of the game at the time of completing it. Got almost every trophy for the DLC as well, just missing one for getting all the gear sets which I have the schematics for, just not the parts to build them yet.

    A Walk in the Park DLC 100% Trophy Completion: July 1

  • Main Campaign Complete: July 6 (PS4, Co-Op)

    Still a pretty fun series, I appreciate the slightly darker tone to the story that gives it more urgency, but it doesn't feel like it really pushes things forward too much. On to the DLC next I guess.

    Expansion 1 Complete: July 29

    I appreciate this being longer than the first two Destiny 1 expansions, but I didn't care too much for the area introduced here.

    Expansion 2 Complete: August 3

    Shorter but I feel like it was a better place to fight in compared to Expansion 1.

  • Co-op Campaign Complete: September 14 (PS4)

    Man, it's been a while since I beat a game or some aspect of DLC, but here we are with another game done thanks to PS+. I actually kind of liked the story a bit, it went places I didn't quite expect. For someone who hasn't played a Call of Duty in a decade (and I only played some multiplayer with friends back then) I thought it was pretty good.

  • Story (Arcade) Mode Beaten for the First Time: September 14 (Switch)

    Gameplay wise, this game is incredibly simple. Not a bad thing but I'm not sure how complex the game really gets. Some of the cutscenes in this playthrough were pretty funny at least so it gets some bonus points from me there.

    All Costumes Unlocked: September 15

    Not a lot but there we go. Now to unlock the accessories.

  • Story (Arcade) Mode Beaten (Team Kim): September 16

    After playing SNK Heroines, I wanted to go back and play some XIV. That's pretty much it. I want to get better at the game but boy, I know I have to work hard to get okay at this one.

  • Story Complete: September 21

    That was a lot of fun. I think I still like 0 a bit better but this sits comfortably as my second favorite game out of what I've played of the series so far (0, Kiwami 1 and 2, 6) Still need to complete the last third of the Majima Saga and I think I'll put this one down for the time being.

    Majima Saga Complete: September 21

    The loss of multiple styles hurt this a lot in gameplay but the story was good that set up some stuff in the main game and resolved a few little things from 0 which was awesome.

  • Story Complete: October 10

    I really liked this game. It's pretty much Yakuza Light, in a way. I'm fine with that though after having just finished Kiwami 2, I was worried I would be burnt out on the game quickly but everything moves at such a fast pace that I didn't feel like I got bogged down by all the side content like I thought I would. Definitely grab this one if you're a fan of Yakuza or Fist of the North Star.

  • Soul Chronicle Main Story Complete: October 20

    Not a bad, though short retelling of the original Soulcalibur story. Need to do the character ones and finish up the Libra of Soul story as well to get the full picture.

  • Campaign Complete: October 29 (Easy, PS4)

    Still a load of fun. Decided to go through Easy to get everything upgraded so I can play Normal and up and make it a bit easier on myself when I come back to this. Plan to play all the main DMC games leading up to V's release next year. On to the one that started it all.

  • Played Through the Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle (Switch, Co-Op)

    Still a lot of fun, especially with a friend or two.

  • Played Through the Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle (Switch, Co-Op)

    This one was fun with a few fighting game mechanics here and there, plus being able to purchase new moves seemed ahead of its time in a way. Too bad we didn't get this game here in the West until now with this bundle.

  • Game Complete (both the regular and inverted castles, PS4 through the Requiem Collection): November 3

    So close to finishing this by Halloween, but personal matters got in the way. Still a very good game and I'm ashamed it took me this long to complete it. Bought the game on the 360 about a decade ago and got to the Inverted Castle but quit for some reason and never went back. A shame, really but I'm glad I finally got to beat this one for good. Here's to hoping for more re-releases for this series because I missed out on a good chunk of Castlevania.

  • Game Complete: November 7 (Easy, PS4)

    Not bad, it's better than I remember since my first game in the series was 3, and the original PS2 version's controls were weird (Triangle was the jump button among other strange things) so having the controls in the HD Collection be more standard is a huge plus. Will someday go back and play this on Normal now that I have more health and such to help me out.

  • Dante Campaign Complete: November 10 (Normal, PS4)

    Back when I first played this way back in the mid-2000's, I actually enjoyed this game a good bit and didn't quite understand the hate for it, at least for the most part. Now though? Oh boy now I get it. I guess playing through the game when I was younger and more prone to just button mashing my way through situations it was fine but now that I want to do more stylish things instead, this game really doesn't give you the options to do some really stylish things. There's not really much difference in the swords you use besides length and damage as they all have the exact same moveset is disappointing to say the least and this half of the story really doesn't go anywhere. I'm glad to have gone through it again to reevaluate my opinion on the game but I probably won't play it again after doing the Lucia part of the story.

  • All Characters Unlocked: December 9

    Did it the quick and dirty way mostly. In the beginning I started to do it the normal way but got tired of it kind of quickly and started doing the quick and easy way to unlock all the characters. I did start to get bored of the tediousness of it and went back to the more legit way of unlocking characters by the end. Playing through World of Light now.

  • Played most of the campaign but like some of the staff, it just didn't grab me like I had hoped it would. Not sure if I'll ever go back to this one, unfortunately.