An actual blog, and not just some excuse for not writing a blog.

Allright guys lemme just give you a little insight as to whats been going on lately. I have had a VERY tight schedule as of late, with most days being completely taken up by either work or school. Since deciding to become a commuter and keep my current job at the same time, I have had to sacrifice alot of time I used to use for gaming. I work usually from 10am (about my normal wake-up time) to 7pm (about dinner time) three days a week. So that pretty much takes up that entire day, giving me about 5 hours afterwards to watch TV, catch up on sports happenings, video games, etc. And school is a bit worse; I wake up at 10am to catch a 10:42am train to Pleasantville (about 1hr drive from my house) and I'm at school for around 9 hours. So I catch a 9:30pm train home which sees me walking in my front door at about 11pm. And that is also three days a week. As you can see, I have very little time for the things I used to enjoy in excess. Fortunately this is only for one semester as I will be transferring to a school in my area in the spring.

However, the train ride does afford me time that I used to never have to really enjoy handheld games. Which is why I recently picked up Monster Hunter: Freedom for the PSP. I have yet to start the game so I was just wondering if any of you had played it and if so, how did you like it?

Another recent change in my life is my newfound sense of honesty regarding music. I used to be a purely "download from limewire type of guy" but my recent change of heart has lead me to buying albums. However, I am not completely honest at this point as I am only shelling out money for albums from my favorite artists. The other day I bought "As Daylight Dies" by Killswitch Engage, and "Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild" by cKy; the only two albums of all time that I have loved every single track of. In time, I hope to increase my collection of legitimately purchased music and decrease my collection of downloaded music.

On some more video-game-blog-related matter, I recently purchased Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, and have to say I am loving it. This game feels like an Indiana Jones movie, and it really does a great job of capturing that treasure hunter feel. I also really want to get into WoW, because I adore that game, but every single time I log on I find an entire area filled with people who don't care at all to help me with quests, so it defeats the purpose of the game and I log off. Someone create a Horde character on Bleeding Hollow and help me out!

For anyone who read my review on Gamespot of Bioshock, you would know that I hated it. So it might come as some surprise to you that I am really wanting to purchase it when it comes out for PS3 and give it another shot. I re-read reviews on Gamespot, Ign, and Metacritic and realized that I may have not been playing the game in the right mentality. I do whole-heartedly agree that the story was very good, and the atmosphere and dialouge in the game was top-notch. My gripe with the game fell in the fact that you never seemed to have enough ammo to do anything, as I always felt that I ran out when I needed it most. (and I hardly ever used the plasmids)