Latest in Gaming: October 14th

Hey gang! Lately my gaming world has been flipped upside down, and changed totally from the way it used to be. It's amazing how much more you want to play games on your PC when it can actually play them.  Also, I recieved my new Playstation 3 in the mail just today. I know in an earlier blog I said I was going for a 80GB model, but I changed my mind and instead opted for the 60GB. I'm very happy I did so, because that enables full backwards-compatability with my large library of PS2 games. 

I have been playing alot of strategy games lately. Theres just something in my brain that loves seeing battle plans succeed on the tactical level, and it's that feeling that has had me captivated by strategy gaming since middle-school. There is one game 
Burn baby, Burn!
Burn baby, Burn!
I have been playing however that succeeds in recreating the feeling of controlling an army in the midst of battle, with all the tension and frenzy of real combat; World in Conflict. I've had this game for quite some time now but have never been able to play it because of the weak system I had previous to this one. In fact, I knew I couldn't play it, and I only bought it so I could ensure I would get the collector's edition. The WiC collector's edition has a bonus like no other, an actual piece of history that made the CE madly appealing to me. An actual, certified piece of the Berlin Wall. 

Aside from that, the game is really fantastic. I don't know if I've ever seen an RTS that had a story I actually cared about. For anyone who has not yet experienced this game, I recommend that you do. Even if you aren't a fan of the RTS genre, even if you HATE the RTS genre, you should STILL check this game out. Why is that? Because World in Conflict plays out less like a strategy game, but more like an action game where you control more than one character. There are so few of the traditional RTS elements within WiC that make for a quicker, more satisfying, and most importantly, FUNNER experience than you would have with a game like Age of Empires. Do not be mistaken, World in Conflict is STILL a strategy game. But it manages to pull it off in such a way that make you feel like you are playing a shooter from 2-miles in the sky.

I can't say enough how much fun I am having with this game, and I am fairly confident that this game will be the subject of my next review. The only part I have yet to experience is the multiplayer, mostly because I am afraid it will ruin my over-all opinion of the game. I have never had a good experience with online strategy gaming, whether it be getting Zerg rushed in StarCraft and losing in less than a minute, or getting destroyed by a gigantic force of war elephants in Age of Empires (take your pick, they all have war elephants >.<) and losing in less than a minute. 

I have not just limited myself to WiC however, I have also been playing Spore, Civilization IV, LotR: Battle for Middle-Earth, and Star Wars: Empire at War. I also really want to play Company of Heroes. I am a huge World War 2 buff, and not even the mass-saturation of the World War 2 gaming market can satisfy my love for the games. When this game first released I had to convince myself I wouldn't like it mostly because I had no chance of ever being able to play it. 

Speaking of games I had to convince myself I wouldn't like... Crysis. That is all. 

So long everybody, and untill next time. I have to go work on a speech due tomorrow that I have had three weeks to prepare for. My middle name is procrastination.