Why I don't miss Gamespot.

- The user soapbox: This is my number one reason. Most of the shit in the user soapbox is just trash. 50% of the time the stuff that gets into it is just someone kissing Gamespot's ass and the blog automatically being posted into the soapbox. Otherwise, its the same garbage about the "death" of something or other or some stupid industry related thing that anyone who is actually into gaming doesn't give a shit about.

-The staff: It just sucks. In a matter of days Gamespot went from one of the most well-staffed (not to mention the most well-LIKED staff) video game websites and transformed into a huge waste bin of people who have no camera presence and a shitty understanding of games. Which leads directlly into my next reason...

-The reviews: Are all garbage, and not one of them can be trusted to actually give you a good understanding of the game. I love IGN's reviews, considering i pretty much agree with every single one of them and they're always just spot-on. Giantbomb''s system is great because it tells you flat-out if you will enjoy a game or not. 1-2 stars? Stay away. 3 stars? depends on how you feel about the subject matter, etc. 4-5 stars? You will have a GOOD TIME. Thats ALL I CARE ABOUT when I'm looking for games, if I will have a good time or not. I don't care if you think it is the next masterpiece, or the best game to ever come across your desk, all I want to know is how much fun I will have playing it.

-The level system and the badges: Although Giantbomb sort of has the same thing with points, it serves a purpose. It allows the truly trust-worhy people to help out the site by allowing them to have immediate edits. Cool idea. However, a video game website should NOT be made into a game itself with people going crazy and trying to get all the "easy" badges and shit and posting a blog every time they gain a level. I seriously don't give a shit that you gained a level, thanks for wasting my time with your worthless blog.

Thank you Giantbomb for giving us a truly GOOD video game website.