My Top Most Memorable Games

 In no particular order

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  • You're stranded on a heavily developed research island called Dinosaur Island and run around avoiding mutants creatures. The island is divided into many sectors including: the docks, big industry centers, residential blocks, and commercial centers. It was noted as a survival horror game, but horror it's not. It was a fun action/adventure game.

  • Great story, graphics, gameplay, yadda, yadda, yadda.

  • The game that ultimately got me back into the fighting game genre. The high res sprites and colorful backgrounds are what caught my attention back in the arcade.

  • The best game in the series! There were times I couldn't play this game anymore because I was so scared, the sweat on the palm of my hands would prevent me from properly pressing the buttons on the controller.

  • My user icon is a character from this game. With a high replay value, this unpopular gem has you planting traps and having your opponent get caught in them.

  • A great successor to an already great game! With its fast paced gameplay and fantastic combat system, who wouldn't like this game. Here's hoping for ZOE 3!

  • A great way to kill time during a passing period back in my college years.