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Soul Calibur IV is too sick
OMG Raphael eats you omg Maxi's critical finish destroys you, and goddamn Algol's is total ownage! the man fuckin sits on you in his chair! SOOO badass!
Animation is amazingly smooth
Unfortunately, Taki is now slower than before, but overall characters are awesome
And although I don't mind most English voices, there is some like Tira's which are so damn annoying. I still prefer the Japanese obviously
Online is very nice so far no lag
Character customization looks like a game by itself. So much to do there
Graphically it kicks every other game's ass (with the exception of MGS 4 of course)
And how the hell do you throw Yoda? Is it even possible?
To conclude the first day this game owns and if you're reading this and don't have this game then you suck!
Unless you're Igor