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E3 Impressions

Damn this toned down E3 sucks balls
Microsoft - even though it wasn't good, it was still better than others since it showed gameplay from bunch of games, then crappy casual games kind of brought it down (at that point i thought this sucks), and then... FINAL FANTASY XIII!!!! Awesome news.
Sony - really thought they are gonna have something like Halo 4 coming to PS3 to get back at Microsoft, but nothing. They did show a bunch cool games like that MAG which could be fun, but the PS2 stuff was unnecessary. It already won, it's the PS3 that needs promoting.
Nintendo - THE REGGIENATOR!!!! and then ... lots and lots of casual games. Too many. The dude said that the Zelda and Mario teams are working but no footage, no teaser, nothing. In the end it was the most disappointing of the 3, since i thought they were gonna blow everyone away.

As for the games Resident Evil 5 and Mirror's Edge were the best. And next KOTOR is an MMO... wtf! Hopefully it's not the next but a spinoff or something.