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  • snetErz posted a message on the post The Worst Songs of the '80s.

    @buckvanhammer said:Kiss needs to be on here somewhere...Agreed, and that song should be Lick It Up.

  • snetErz posted a message on the post Episode 08.

    @peanutbuttersadness: You did not miss it. I noticed too. So if he removed the 6, it would mean he needed 21 bananas. He got 3 bananas from Abby's wheel spin. He got another 15 from the bet with Vinny...

  • snetErz posted a message in the forum topic YOU CAN'T GET RID OF ENBIGGEN! YOU WILL REGRET THIS!. on the General Discussion board

    I made a userscript that will add the functionality in a round about way. I don't know if it has any bugs. I made it super simple. Let me know if you find any weird errors somewhere. This should fill ...

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