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@alexisg: tl;dr

Building websites is hard.

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It's more prominent now, in fact.

Heh, yeah.

It's on the right side of any game page.

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@grimluck343: They'll take relevant chunks, including the CMS system the editors use.

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@driveuplife: Whiskey Media was sold to two separate companies. CBS bought Comic Vine and Giant Bomb and hired it's editors along with Alexis and I (the two designers). However, they did not sell the technology the site was built on. That was sold to Berman Braun, who hired all of Whiskey Media's engineering staff. That team has been building other sites, along with supporting Meanwhile Giant Bomb's been operating on a lease of the old code to keep the live site up. So we had to scramble to rebuild it.

That's the reason. On the positive, most of the technology powering Gamespot was getting a little stale, so CBSi needed a refresh of that codebase anyway. A lot of what you see in Giant Bomb will likely make it's way over there (and little parts into gamefaqs), but will likely look much different than the site you're looking at now.

The stability issues you've seen in our launch are mostly due to the sheer size of Giant Bomb's featureset (and hence, this new codebase). Unlike most sites that are a blog, some comments and a video player and maybe some hosted forums, GB has a membership system, wikis, a full product database to manage along with profiles, user uploading and all that fun stuff.

The engineering team here has shouldered though it really well and while I know some people miss the achievements and quests, have accomplished a pretty crazy amount of work in a single year.

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@addmitt said:

Registered to say that this design is phenomenal. It is an incredible update in terms of current, modern web design. Scales beautifully to the point that a mobile site isn't necessary. Incredibly readable. Attractive banners. Great typography in general. I thought Polygon would be the only gaming site to hit these more modern web design trends for a long while, glad to see you guys are on top of things.

You also still manage to make subtle gradients and rounded corners work without looking so-5-years-ago.

I really wish there were some details on the creative process of this site design and the tools used.

Thanks. I've passed this on to Alexis. We mostly split the work these days. He does all the stuff you just mentioned as awesome, and I handle anything that involves a form. We'll likely do a video or something once things settle down.

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@tobbrobb said:

I think it looks awesome and is generally prettier than before. It seems a few things are setup better as well.

But. No wall posts, friends feed is shit, cant see online friends, and what the fuck on the forum page.

No Caption Provided

Like, please just move all that shit to the right so the actual threadposts can be larger and easier to read. I really don't get this one.

We need to serve an ad on the forums over there. It's usually much smaller, but when your screen is big it expands. We'll likely make a new template just for the forums so that the right side gets no larger than 300 pixels.

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The engineers are working through it. Thanks for your patience.

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We're aware of it. We had to temporarily kill our API to deal with larger performance issues. It's on our radar.

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We'll add the button back. I've seen a couple requests for this. Uptime first though!

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Hey all, we had to take this down due to some performance issues. We'll get it back up once it's stable.