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The 15 Best Pick Up and Play Games on GOG That Are Over 10 years old

Here is a list of the 15 games I would buy if I were a younger gamer looking to check out some classic games on Good Old Games. Note that this isn't a list of 15 best games from a historical context, or games that nostalgists should revisit, but the 15 best games that just about anyone can still pick up and play within reason. I choose the games based on the following rules.

  1. The game doesn't have an extremely complicated control system (example: the older Ultima games).
  2. The game is not so difficult to require digging into PDF manuals. I've knocked down games that aren't difficult to play, but difficult to learn like Baldur's Gate...etc.
  3. The game was released 10 or more years ago.

List items

  • Buy an old flight stick on ebay for $5 and this game. Enjoy one of the best games of all time. Had a great story, epic scope and tight mission design. It's completely playable today.

  • If you enjoy British comedy you'll have a great time with Giants. The combat is simple, but there is absolutely nothing to get in the way of breezing through this game so that you can enjoy the laughs.

  • My favorite non Lucas Arts adventure game not named Blade Runner. The second game isn't nearly as good and the first game's graphics and setting still hold up really well.

  • The only game of its time period that is comparable to Morrowind. It had a pretty nifty magic system that required you to draw runes with your mouse.

  • The finest tactical TBS game ever made. If you're looking for something similar that gets you into the action faster and doesn't require as much management, Fallout: Tactics is a perfectly good substitute.

  • Great Diablo style clone that really deserved to become a franchise.

  • Fantasic anime-inspired first person shooter from the Monolith guys. It never got enough credit when it was released, but holds up pretty well. If anime isn't your thing and you like more blood and guts, check out Blood II, which is based on the same Lithtech engine.

  • It's got all the FMV goofiness of Marc Hammil and a bunch of tiger puppets without being a shit game. If you're looking for pure gameplay though and don't mind your graphics a bit aged, Wing Commander: Privateer is the better game. WCIII though is the historical, this was big-shit back then, game that everyone should play.

  • Imagine if Diablo had some humor and a decent story. Make sure to pick the original game, and not the sequel, which featured the bad Death Knight buddy mechanic and some sore thumb 3d on 2d graphics. It's a great little action RPG.

  • Yes, yes, it's one of my favorite games of all time, but I put it here in the middle because unless you grew up around DnD I think it's probably a very difficult game to actually pick up and play. For those that are familiar with CRPG gaming enough to enjoy Dragon Age though, this is probably your best RPG bet of the bunch.

  • The story holds up as one of the best of all time. Unfortunately, the low resolution and somewhat broken combat system might keep back newer gamers with little patience. Those who do complete it usually rank it as one of their favorites of all time.

  • Fallout 2's turn based mechanics make it much easier to play than BG2. I feel the fallout games don't hold up as well in the graphics department though. It also features a horrible first 3 hours that I think will really hold a lot of people from spending more than 30 minutes on it.

  • Rayman 2 was the only game that could really compete with Mario 64 back in the day. Back then there were a shitload of games that tried to do 3D platforming. Rayman 2 is the only one that bested the Nintendo concepts.

  • Like BG2 this game gets knocked down mostly because it's pretty hard to play without spending a few hours messing with for a few hours. The control setup and hit detection is very similar to Daggerfall though, so if you saw that Random PC Game feature we did for that game, that's what you're getting into.

  • After playing Phantasmagoria, I have a real want to play the only good FMV adventure game I can remember. The second Gabriel Knight game was the best of the genre.