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Howdy y'all. Second update, wonder what I should say? Nothing, absolutely nothing to say, just ask away and I shall tell. If y'all wanna play with me, by all means, add me on the thingy below if you didn't bother to go to the thread dedicated to it. It's okay, I didn't either. 
Anyways, I am a dude/girl, whatever you call me I don't care, doesn't stop me from dressing like either one and associating myself with either one (This explains why I change my gender all the time over here). Where was I? Oh yea, I've been gaming since my second memory. My first game was actually Paperboy, at least that's what my first memory dictates, but I specifically remember becoming avid about my gaming when I first played Chrono Trigger and Zelda: A Link to the Past. Of course, this is all I remember, I couldn't go further back. But ever since those two games, I've been addicted to gaming, something about it is so awesome and cool. 
Speaking of awesome and cool, I am neither one of those. I am really quite boring actually. I intend to change that.

PSN: Snipzor2v1 
Steam: Snipzor2