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This is not a Silent Hill game. 0

I had always dreaded playing this game, because I am a fan of the Silent Hill series, but this seems to have spit in the face of the series. None of what transpired in this game had any relevance to the game, but rather the movie (Which in retrospect wasn't that bad, for a movie based on a video game) with shades of Jacob's Ladder (Including a whole lifted scene from the film).The story is standard fare, you play as a discharged soldier returning home (Already they made the error with descriptio...

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Gordon Freeman is a total badass... 0

There's a pastime I hold dear to me, not speedrunning or even one gun runs, but no damage runs for shooters. There are two games that I cannot do the run with, Half-Life and Deus Ex. I'm sure it is possible but, I'm in awe from beginning to end because of the quality of the game. I'm distracted and therefore, get hit within the first two hours.Everyone knows how a shooter worksStep 1: Take gun/crowbarStep 2: Aim and shootStep 3: Tea-bag enemy/enemy gibBut Half-life has a bit of platformer integr...

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