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Ice T in Gears 3 was my idea. I kid you not. Check my Twitter

My Twitter @PatriotDYe
@ FINALLEVEL @ therealcliffyb Hey, would it be possible to put Ice T in Gears 3? That shit would be badass
  9:07 PM Apr 17th via web in reply to FINALLEVEL  
Yeah, I sent that to both of them on April 17th 2010 and today on giantbomb I found out that he might be doing a voice in Gears 3 (  . WTF giantbomb? Am I trippin balls? It was a month and a half ago so there is the possibility that they have talked and conversed about it and while not everything could be finalized I still could have maybe inspired on of them to approach the other to have Ice appear in gears 3.