my little Saints ROW 2 vs. Saints ROW 2 BRD rant

I should make clear first that i really, really like the game in general and i had lots of fun with it.
I purchased the game in the UK like i usually do because its a lot cheaper than here in Germany and the German laws regarding violent video games are just ridiculous.
The German and the international version of many games are usually basically the same except the more brutal stuff (e.g. decapitations, dismemberment) is cut out or slightly changed (red blood -> green blood). In some cases publishers decide to not publish the games in Germany at all (e.g. Gears of War) which doesn't bother me a lot because i import my games anyway.
However the problem with Saints Row 2 is that THQ, or whoever thought of that genius idea, made a complete different version for Germany called Saints Row BRD.
Saints Row BRD has different achievements and a lot of the activities from the "proper" saints row 2 are missing for whatever reason(two of them being "Mayhem" and "Trailblazing")
Since I've purchased the UK version anyway i shouldn't be complaining, right? 
Wrong! The problem i ran into was that I'm not able to play with anyone who has purchased the German version of the game. And since i live in Germany there are some dudes on my friend list who got this version. 
You might say..."Yeah, so its a German issue but there are 1 or 2 other people on XBL who have the proper version of the game so go and play with them" ...and well, i would agree on that one! But hey, don't we all live in one big world now? At least everybody and his dog tells me that. 
Another problem which is way more annoying than all this country restriction stuff is that i can't play coop or multiplayer with anyone who hasn't purchased every DLC that I've bought and vice versa! Seriously WTF?