Best of 2010

Soap: Best of 2010 
I'd like to begin this list by stating that 2010 has been a pretty disappointing year for me in terms of games. A lot of games that I thought had great potential have ended up being pretty bad, so much so that I will be creating a second list with my most disappointing games of 2010, and there is a strong possibility that it may end up being a longer list than this one which is a shame, because even though its easy to rag on games for being bad, no one ever buys one hoping it will be.  
Anyway, here is my list for 2010 which was hard to put together not because I could only fit 10 games, but because I could only really get behind about 6 of them. 

List items

  • As someone who originally didn't enjoy the first Mass Effect game this was a revelation for me, I even went back and played through (and loved) the first Mass Effect! An epic Space Opera with a beautiful art style, moody electronic score and a more complex system of alien relations. In all seriousness, I prefer this to Star Wars and Star Trek combined.

  • I had great hopes for this game and it didn't disappoint in the slightest. A great change of pace from the usual GTA style that Rockstar is known for this game had a great story that was well told, involving and epic gameplay and an ending that left me with chills. It was seriously close between this and Mass Effect 2 for number one, the only reason ME2 won was due to the overarching 3 part epic story its been telling.

  • Something of a surprise for me, Enslaved came out of left field and knocked me off my feet with it's beautiful enviroments and epic set pieces, this game reminded me very heavily of the experience I had with Uncharted 2 last year, which can only be a good thing.

    Sadly it was let down ever so slightly by the repetitive combat and an ending that just didn't sit right with me. I look forward to what ever this series can bring in the future.

  • A great game that takes the Assassins Creed 2 formula and expands on it. Only isn't higher up on the list due to a large feeling of having done it all before. Still had a blast though.

  • A truly epic ending to a great series. I hadn't given the God Of War series even a look before November of this year, but after a friend lent me the God Of War Collection for PS3 I was hooked and God of War 3 takes everything about the franchise to it's logical epic and brutal conclusion.

  • Still in Beta I hear you cry? So it doesn't count? Well fuck you! :D

    I really couldn't care about the politics of this list, all I know is that this game came out in 2010 and was cheaper, more fun and more addictive than most other things released in the year and the majority of it was made by 1 man.

    Fucking Bravo sir.

  • A big overhaul to the established series kept this game feeling fresh, I enjoyed its brief campaign I even went on to finish it on all difficulties and a great deal of the co-op play as well.

  • Sure it's Pokémon, sure it's the same as ever but a retelling of one of my favourite games from my child hood is still a great game.

    Plus the Pokéwalker was rad ;)

  • So hard... I hate you... yet, I love you.

  • Didn't actually play this game, but the ER this year was a great show and every time I walk past this in the stores now I can't help but be tempted to pick it up.