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A list of classic games that will always hold a special place in me.

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  • Does this need to be said?

    This was one of two games I got with my Playstation 1 back in the day (the other being Crash Bandicoot) and after eventually getting past the first boss (bad grammar telling me to do the opposite of what was meant to be done and the fact that I was about 8) I became hooked on this game, and honestly played it every single day until the launch of Final Fantasy VIII.

  • A christmas present for a huge final fantasy fan that at a very young age actually made me cry (I know, very sad :D) I remember playing this on christmas day in my uncles room because I couldn't wait to get home to play it and I remember getting about 6 hours in before having to go home and play all of that... all... again. I didn't mind however because as a child I loved this game endlessly.

    Looking back on it now it's obvious to see it has some flaws, the draw system for example and the ending to the game. But other than that, this game still qualifies as a classic.

  • Simply put, this game is incredible. I had high hopes for Journey going in as I'm a huge fan of flower and it didn't disappoint for one second. This short 2-3 hour experience packed more emotional punch for me than almost anything else this year. With both beautiful visuals and music it really is a treat for all senses and left me feeling a kind of joy for gaming I haven't really felt since I started playing games over 15 years ago. To say something for it's appeal as well, my girlfriend who is one of the pickiest gamers I know and will put a game down forever for one tiny flaw, has never really replayed anything and yet even she has played through this multiple times and still to this day goes back to it when she feels an urge. It's ability to not only tell a coherent story with no written or spoken words as well as to create an incredible bond with players from across the world with nothing more than a simple chime noise speaks volumes for this game. It's not just a game, it's an experience.

  • Recently voted the #1 PS1 game of all time, on the console that was also voted the #1 console of all time, it's hard to argue with, entertainment in it's purest form.

  • Many a school break time was spent training and trading these bad boys until finally beating the elite four.

    The great thing about these is as well, no matter how dull and boring the Anime may be, the games remain fun even if they do involve an almost Zelda like level of repetition with each game.

  • What needs to be said? Truely one of the greatest games of all time and a strong argument that games could be considered art.

  • One of my all time favourite games. The songs from this still find there way into my head more often than they should.

  • One of the newer games on this list, and also the only one that I didn't play around it's original release. Having always wanted to play it, I was more than happy to see it released for download in 2011 and surprised at how it still felt fresh, engaging and overall fun.

  • Never touched Suikoden before, hated the first hour or two, HOOKED afterwards, this game holds a very special part in my heart, even though I know it's not the best. It wasn't a pretty game back in the day and now it just looks horrible, but something about sailing from island to island finding the full 108 stars of destiny to join my crew, all the time building up a selection of shops, and interesting things to see on the ship itself. Great.

    I've been thinking about this game a lot recently as well, maybe I should try to find another copy?