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Forgotten Classics.

It's safe to say that over the years I have played a lot of games, some of those games, sadly get lost in time.

This list is here to give some props to smaller games that I have played over the years, loved, sadly forgotten but then managed to remember again, thanks to this site.

List items

  • Such a brilliant title, as a kid I don't think I truly understood how great this game was, it had really fluid movement and a lot of explosions, which before the turn of the century was all you needed for a classic.

  • Ok, so it may not be a classic, but I sank a fair amount of hours into this game with my toy in one hand, the controller in the other and thoughts of the film all the time.

    Fucking marketing >_>

  • Maybe not a 'classic' but god damn this brings back memories.

  • Ok not a classic, but I certainly played way more of this as a kid than I should of!

  • Terrible, terrible game. And Now I work for the people who made it... what an odd world.

  • Another game that is not a classic, but I have a very distinct memory of my Mum renting this for me as a child and being super disappointed by it. All I remember about it now is a big green open field to fight in, and a lady with massively swingy boobs if you set the age to 99.