Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

Every year I feel like I say "Oh this was a difficult year this year because of so many great games!"

Well not this year, 2014 was crap. Really crap I struggled to find ten games, and some of these are re-releases!

Not impressed 2014... not impressed.

List items

  • This game reached 4th on my GOTY list last year, I even commented on how I wish it had been on PS4 and how much of a difference that would of made. Well, I was right. This version of the game is glorious, everything feels smoother and more alive.

    I think I enjoyed playing through this game the second time even more than the first and I really can't wait for whatever Rockstar has in store for us next.

  • This game was something of a surprise for me this year, from all the previews I simply assumed it was going to try and copy the style of Assassins Creed and fail in the process, instead what we got was a refinement of that style of game, a beautiful open world with interesting side quests and one of the coolest new gameplay mechanics in years in the nemesis system.

    After playing this I was looking forward to the tussle for position on this list between this and Assassins Creed, but then Ubisoft went and shit the bed and it didn't even make the list, oh well!

  • I've been a huge Forza fan for years now and after the disappointment that was Forza 5 I can't be more impressed with Horizon 2. It has my favourite opening of any game this year and has kept me coming back again and again to try and finish everything in this MAMMOTH of a game.

    I would now consider myself a Forza Horizon fan first, and a Forza fan second.

  • One of my favourite PS3 games finally got the love it deserves in 2014 with a brilliant surprise release on Steam towards the end of the year.

    It was so great to get to experience this amazing game all over again with the full power of a PC, keep up this kind of work SEGA!

  • The first real visual powerhouse to grace my PS4 was a really great entry into the inFamous franchise. The neon powers were both beautiful and very useful, this only isn't higher on the list due to it's similarities with the rest of the franchise.

  • I'm a sucker for these games still it seems. Every year I feel a little closer to calling it and saying "No more, not until you change something major" and yet I go back year after year.

    ... this might be the last one though, I will have to see something pretty impressive next time out to draw me back I think.

  • A game dedicated to playing the music of the best sounding video gaming franchise in history is alright in my book. This game is full of tracks, characters and cool little nods and references to long time fans.

    It just feels like the ultimate fan service but in a way that is both classy and fun.

  • I made this game! So you know... take this with a pinch of salt.