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GOTY 2015

Another year, another list of games it seems.

2015 was a good year for the industry but nothing this year really grabbed me and didn't let go despite having a great time with a fair few releases, maybe that's the industry, or maybe I'm just getting older. Either way here is the top 10(ish) games that I played this year!

(and while you are here, here is a bunch of conditions!)

Other games I played -

The Witcher 3 = Meh, I was bored within about 4 hours. It was sooooo dull.

Undertale = Not finished it yet, it's cute, but I'm not getting all the fuss.

Fifa 16 = It's literally more Fifa.

Battlefield Hardline = Really, not great.

Mortal Kombat X - It's fun, I've always been more of a Street Fighter man though.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival - Worst game of the year, seriously.

Final Fantasy Type 0 HD - So much motion blur, so little story.

Grow Home - Cute single sitting game.

The Beginner's Guide - Interesting, especially as some one in the industry I felt it talked to me somewhat.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below - Dynasty Warriors with Dragon Quest attached, pretty good. Makes me want a Final Fantasy version though!

Games I missed! (Will try and play in 2016) -

Everybody's gone to the Rapture

Life is Strange

Forza 6

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Dying Light

Mad Max

Xenoblade Chronicles X (Got for Christmas!)

Majora's Mask 3D (Got for Christmas!)

Triforce Heroes (Got for Christmas!)

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer - Only when it's real cheap though, I'm not paying full price for not a full game.

List items

  • Splatoon is the most original and most exciting game that came out this year. Showcasing a new and exciting art style along with some genuinely fun and original gameplay Nintendo's first real attempt at a multiplayer online game has been a huge success. The biggest travesty with this game is that the Inklings never made it into Smash Brothers, because they've already earned a place among the Nintendo elite in my head at least.

  • I don't care that this game came out last year, the pure amount of attention given to this game in 2015 is staggering, a really solid entry in the series became easily my favourite with some great DLC characters, stages, trophies... well everything really!

    I played this game probably more than any other this year, spending lunch breaks at work in hour long 8 player anarchy almost every single lunch time.

  • I missed out on the original 2D Mario era when it was new, I was either too young for some of it, or too busy playing on my Mega Drive (Genesis for you American lot, ...howdy!) but Mario Maker has been a lot of fun this year. Making and sharing levels with friends as well as seeing some of the horrible and sadistic things others have chosen to make has been a lot of fun. Plus it's got a cat paw cursor!

  • A great game, with some really solid gameplay that kept me going for almost 100 hours. Let down only by its downright dreadful series ruining story, forced multiplayer elements and tales of pretty horrific worker exploitation from Konami. Make no mistake though, this would also be pretty high up on the disappointing games of the year as well.

  • Ok, Hipster mode is about to happen here, and for that I apologize, but I'm glad the world finally caught up, like seriously, what took so long?

    Supersonic acrobatic rocket powered battle cars was a great and underappreciated game that a friend and I put many hours into on the PS3 and by essentially remaking it with a more sensible name people seem to have finally figured out how good it is.

    *slow clap*

  • Another game this year that was plagued with issues, luckily as I played it on the PS4 my only issue with this pretty great game was the over reliance on the batmobile and a few plot points that were telegraphed a mile off. Overall though a fine ending to the Arkham series and I really hope Batman is given a long time off after this, as I really don't think I could play another of these again any time soon.

  • The best game released on mobile this year hands down.

  • Her Story is a really great idea, and like most great ideas it's deceptively simple. Nothing is locked away from the player and the way in which you make your way to the answer in this murder mystery case will be unique for everyone. With just some subtle guiding from the designer and a few red herrings to stop people jumping straight to any obvious conclusion it's a really nice narrative piece that even when you think you've got everything figured out will still throw a twist at you here and there.

  • I've always been an elder scrolls man and while I appreciate Fallout I've been finding it hard to get excited about Fallout 4 too much. It's a fine game and well made, but nothing feels better than in Fallout 3 and in some cases such as the dialogue it has actually had somewhat of a downgrade.

    Having said all this, I've already put well over 40 hours into this game and I don't intend to stop any time soon either.

  • EA: It's impossible to make a modern city simulation game to the standards people would expect!

    Colossal Order: ... No it's not.

  • I'm one of those rare and odd people who've played Just Cause since day one, as such I can appreciate how much of a lightning in a bottle style game Just Cause 2 was, and with the addition of the PC modding community on top it was never going to be easy to match that level of anarchy and fun.

    Just Cause 3 then, is an odd game, on one hand it adds things to the series such as the wing suit which makes the idea of going back to Just Cause 2 feel impossible, but it's lack of variety in it's world and some rather frustrating technical issues on console have kept this one from being all it could be.

    PS, don't lock upgrades behind generic side mission, come on... school boy stuff.

  • I'm always going to be slightly biased when it comes to this game, London is the city I was raised in and being able to explore it via Assassins Creed was a huge draw for me with this year's entry. Luckily however the game I ended up playing was a drastic improvement from last years actual trainwreck that was Unity and added some great new characters and mechanics to the franchise that helped it from feeling stale, which is no small feat 9 games into a series...

  • Rare Replay has been really great for me, having access to some brilliant games from the N64 to the Xbox 360 in one easy place along with some really great and interesting documentaries all on one disk is brilliant.

    Don't be fooled by the advertising though, there aren't 30 games on here, it's more like 17 as anything pre Battletoads is unplayable at best.