12 JRPG'S 12 Months, can I do it? 
But first, which 12?

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  • February - This game goes first as the shortest month, arguably needs the shortest game.

  • March - This is a game that I've wanted to play for a while, so this goes next, hopefully it will be different enough from XIII to be ok.

  • April - I consider this one to be a huge slog, but by playing here hopefully this will be when not much else is coming out that interests me and I can focus on it entirely.

  • May - Haven't really looked into this one very much, might as well keep it that way and jump in blind, can't be a bad idea... right?

  • June - A portable RPG, means I might actually get to spend some time outside during the summer, which would always be a plus. This one could be subject to move around though as if I end up going on holiday or something in May or July I will swap it out so I can play it on holiday.

  • July - Hopefully enough of a gap between Final Fantasy's for me not to go insane. About 3 years ago I put about 40 hours into this and apparently was still not even half way through. I will obviously be starting again from scratch bit this one might be a bit of a challenge.

  • August - To break up the dullness of combat I'm going to be playing Tales of Vesperia in August, if this game is anything like Tales Of Symphonia then I won't be disappointed. Hopefully this will also give me long enough to get my hands on a copy.

  • September - From what I hear this game is a bit hit and miss, and one of the first JRPG's with online co-op. I'm assuming the community will be long dead by the time I get around to playing it in September, but who knows, stranger things have happened.

  • October - I'm really not looking forward to this one, I played a few hours when it first came out and put it straight down as it was very boring. :/ May get changed out if I can't bare it.

  • November - I really liked the last Star Ocean game, until near the end however when the difficulty sky rocketed up to a place that made it a total grindfest.

  • December - End the year with something not to stressful. I managed to get about 60% through this game on my old 360 before it lovingly decided to red ring on me years ago. Might play it on the PS3 though if I can find a copy... Bonus Content! (Why would I want that?!)

  • January - After 11 months of semi fun/ torture I'd like to end my year on a high. I love the Persona series, and managed to play a brief chunk of this game when it was first released. Now however it will be good to get back to it and finish this one off for good. If I have gone entirely insane by then however, I may even play the main campaign and the bonus add on stuff.

  • Extra Credit - Seeing as I got such a huge response to this thread I thought I should probably up the stakes a bit. And so here it is. For the length of the year I'm going to be dipping in and out of Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness for the PSP, This game is seriously hardcore, 9999 possible levels, endless character rebirths, crazy extra dungeons and a limitless item world that will let you spend 20 hours or so grinding through a world made from your sword only to make it slightly stronger. What am I getting myself into!?

  • Back Up 1 - In case something goes wrong down the line, I have a series of back up games. Who knows, maybe I wont be able to find a copy of Eternal Sonata any more or Blue Dragon e.t.c

  • Back Up 2 -

  • Back Up 3 -

  • Back Up 4 -

  • Back Up 5 -

  • Back Up 6 -

  • Back Up 7 -

  • Back Up 8 -