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Most Disappointing Games of 2010

These games, really weren't what they should of been.

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  • This train wreck of a video game was my most shocking and most upsetting video game moment of the year. What showed so much promise at being a great game in the Final Fantasy franchise ended up being even worse than the previous effort that was Final Fantasy XII.

    Why you ask? Well it's simple really. It's not a video game. Final Fantasy XIII is an interactive DVD that looks incredible, sounds amazing but is completely void of content or meaning.

    The first twenty hours are spent running endlessly down corridors pressing X every five to six seconds in battles while listening to six people whine about something that you have no knowledge of. What the hell is a fal'Cie? What the fuck is an l'Cie? and why the fuck should I care about either? These questions are eventually addressed and explained but by then 20 so hours have passed and I really couldn't care less.

    Sure the game does open up briefly after the first 10 chapters but it's to little to late.

    The battle system is also a joke, I really am not happy with this trend of allowing me to control only one character and even then only to tell them to do what they want, I can manage 3 you know? Hell at times I've even played with 4 characters! Heaven forbid I might actually want to have some tactical control over how these battles play out.

    Finally the characters are so thin and cookie cutter, from Snow the man who will run into gun fire using just his fists and telling the world how he "wants to be the hero" to Vanille and her ridiculous way of speaking, looking, moving...well existence really.

    Over all, Fuck you Final Fantasy XIII.

  • Alpha Protocol was a game that looked so good in everything I saw of it up until release, what was released however was a broken and half finished game that was almost impossible to play and even less possible to enjoy.

    The combat focuses to much on the RPG dice roll aspect of it to the point where a head shot from 4 feet can still miss.

    This game was so bad it's actually the first game in 4 years that I returned to the store.

  • Unlike the previous two games Fallout: New Vegas isn't a bad game, it just isn't very good. By sticking to much to the engine of 2008's amazing Fallout 3 it looked massively dated even on the first day of it's release, this wouldn't of been such an issue if I didn't feel like I paid full retail price to bug test the game for them.

  • 1000 cars, 30 tracks, the top gear test track, how could this be bad?

    Well, how about having a menu system from 1997? Your biggest opponent isn't any of the other racers, it's the ridiculous menus that you have to navigate to actually race that are.

    For example, you want to take part in the truck race? Well enjoy checking the second hand store after every race so you can look at a selection of 30 of the 1000 cars. I literally spent 10 levels (of experience points) in racing just checking the store for a truck. Someone better have lost there job for this.

    It's other bizarre decisions which make this game bad as well, such as the idea that a Toyota Prius (which no one in there right mind would race) should be a premium model (and look incredible) while the Buggatti Veyron is a very ugly looking standard model.

    What the fuck GT? What the fuck?

  • Again not a bad game, but the whole end section of this game stinks of being rushed out and is just a massive middle finger to the player.

  • I love the Skate series but Skate 3's offline single player felt uninspired, after the great story driven game that Skate 2 was with it's beautifully detailed grimy city Skate 3 arrives with a new city that is almost empty of content, to clean to look any good and with no story what so ever.

    Shame really.

  • Not a bad game at all, but after the amount of fun I had with case zero I was dissapointed at how quickly I stopped caring about this game. It seems I only enjoy it when there is nothing (or little) at stake and Dead Rising 2 offers to much that can go wrong (bosses hiding in bathrooms for example)

    More of a personal preference thing really.