My top ten games of 2013!

Finally got round to doing this, so let's see what made the cut!


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  • The most obvious of choices it seems, but this is the one game this year that really grabbed me and didn't let go until the end.

    Unlike some of the GB staffers I found The Last of Us to be gripping all the way through the game, even if towards the end I had mastered it to a point that it lost a lot of the tension and Joel had become a brick throwing, neck snapping killing machine.

  • A complete surprise for me after the utterly competent but uninspired and boring Assassins Creed 3. Gone is Connor the 2 dimensional hero, and in his place is his charmingly rough and playful grandfather Edward. I was pretty convinced that it wouldn't be possible for me to like another Assassins Creed game again, at least not as much as in the 'good old days of ezio' but the interesting ship combat, beautiful islands and freedom that this game gives you to go about your pirating ways has happily proven me wrong!

    Taking into account all that happens out of the animus as well and you've got me interested again in a story that had already jumped the shark. Not a bad feat at all.

  • It's hard to explain my on/off again relationship with Final Fantasy really, up until the release of Final Fantasy X-2 I would of argued to the bitter end defending it as the greatest gaming franchise of all time (Kids aye!) But after Final Fantasy X, which I still say is the last great game in the series things took a turn for the weird and sadly for the worst.

    It's no shock then that when the original Final Fantasy XIV came out in 2010 and was widely panned as the train wreck it was I wasn't surprised or even upset as I felt like I had seen it coming for a while. What I didn't see coming however was how much I would fall in love with the re-released and massively improved Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

    It's just great! I don't really know what else to say about it. It feels to me like a very modern MMO, with a story that even incorporates it's original demise as being an in game event, a world destroyed and reforged by Bahamut who hangs out inside the moon (yeah, really).

    Being able to change class at any time with a single character while retaining all your progress also alleviates one of my main gripes with MMO's. Rather than being stuck as the class you barely want to play because you rushed into the game you can experiment with all the classes and finally settle on one that suits you. Levelling multiple classes is also a valid tactic and leads to being able to play as some of the more exciting classes such as the Dragoons or Paladins.

    Overall then Final Fantasy XIV is a lot of fun, I've already lost a lot of hours to this game this year and I imagine I will lose even more to it in 2014.

  • I feel sometimes like I was the only person who liked GTA 4, the constant complaints about it being too self serious and with too realistic a driving model wash over me like the complaints of an idiot. It was good that it was serious as it helped the series to grow up, and the driving wasn't too hard, you just sucked at it.

    This game then is a bit of a departure from GTA 4 and I have to agree with the people who I've just called idiots in saying that I think it is better for it. A huge area to explore full of varied and interesting terrain, a VERY arcade like driving model that has even left me trying to correct my car in the air in other games and probably the biggest story in the franchises history make GTA 5 a great game.

    It's not without fault however, and playing it today I can't help but imagine what this already great looking game would look like on PS4/XboxOne and PC and the less said about the broken and hacker infested multiplayer the better.

  • I'm a long time Pokémon player and when I heard that Pokémon was FINALLY going to make the transition to 3D on the 3DS I was so excited. What I got then was a great new Pokémon game, that while light on new Pokémon (and even lighter on new decent ones) was still a great update to the series.

    I can't wait to be playing Pokémon Z when it gets announced and released next year ;)

  • I heard so much talk about this game for so long but for some reason I never even really bothered to check it out. In the end it took playing the demo and the knowledge of a long dull train ride to come to make me take the plunge and I'm glad I did. Bravely Default feels to me like a new classic Final Fantasy game, with all the style and character of a classic JRPG and none of the legacy to hold it back.

    The Brave/Default battle system adds some interesting elements to gameplay and can even help to quicken the pace of the inevitable grinding that will be done at times.

    Over all a great game and the only reason it's not higher on this list is because I've yet to finish it.

  • I'm still a fan of these Lego games it seems, they manage to change and advance enough with each game to keep me interested and Lego Marvel was no exception.

    Combining a huge open world New York city with more Marvel heroes than most people can name makes for a really fun little game that won't take up too much of your brain power but can scratch the itch for people like me who still get something from item collection.