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Soap's GOTY 2016

Bit of a weird/busy year for me. Shipped 2 games (phew) and bought a house with my wife. It's meant a lot less time for gaming this year and is probably a reason why my list of "I should of played these games this year to make my list better" is longer as the list itself.

I should of played these games this year to make my list better

* Doom

* Overwatch

* The Last Guardian

* World of Final Fantasy

* Inside

* Firewatch

* Superhot

* Deus Ex Mankind Divided

* Owlboy

* Witcher 3 DLC

* The Witness

* Forza Horizon 3

* Dishonored 2

List items

  • Without question, Hitman was my game of the year.

    I'll admit I was a little worried when this game was first reported to be episodic, but it really did wonders for the game. Rather than accepting any passing grade in a mission and rushing on to see the next level Hitman inspired players (myself included) to really dig deep into the current level and to master every aspect. The challenges and opportunities kept things feeling fresh and really helped you want to go for the mastery on each level.

    Knowing that a new map would be waiting for you every few months as well kept this game at the forefront of my mind and always near the top of my recently played list for the entire year.

    I am more excited for season 2 of Hitman than almost anything else coming out in 2017.

  • The original Titanfall was something that I was always curious about, while it looked like fun I've never been a huge multiplayer gamer and the complete lack of a campaign was something I didn't want to support.

    After hearing glowing reports about the campaign of Titanfall 2 I just had to give it a go and I must admit, it really was incredible. Every level felt unique from the last with its own gimmicks and style. I really hope we get to see a Titanfall 3 campaign in a few years.

  • What an incredible game, everything about Uncharted 4 felt cinematic and polished, the gameplay, story, even the multiplayer was a blast to play.

    This is the only game this year that made me at one point stand up and grip my controller overly hard during a set piece moment and it gave me chills.

    What a perfect way to see off Drake.

  • I feel like I've been harping on about this game for ages, comparing it to the jump between Assassins Creed 1 and 2 I feel like I always knew this game would be great, and it was.

    The story was much more light hearted and wasn't afraid to make fun of its heroes, the story missions were for the most part varied and fun and except for the occasional generic style city wide collectables even the side missions were unique and interesting.

    Looking forward to where this series goes from here.

  • Despite the pretty high position on this list, I have pretty mixed feelings about Final Fantasy XV.

    When everything works in this game it feels and looks amazing, a product of it's ten years development and all the hard work that the team put in. When it doesn't well, again... ten years.

    The open world, while interesting for the most part, really doesn't do the story and it's flow any favors, but then neither does the story itself, kicking off with the expectation that you've watched a straight to DVD CG film (Spoilers, I haven't) it's not any where near as bad as FFXIII at explaining itself in the early hours, but I did have my fears at first.

    I've essentially put this game on hold for now, hearing how the second half makes little sense and with the news of extensive patches on the way I've decided to just wait for this game to be truly finished... I just hope it's not another 10 years.

  • Another year, another Pokémon game on my GOTY list. I've yet to finish this one (crunch sucks) but it seems like the biggest leap the series has taken in years and it is long overdue.

  • A remake of Ratchet and Clank was always going to be good, but this really feels like a labour of love rather than a cheap movie tie in. A game that looks and plays incredibly well. This is exactly how my memories of Ratchet and Clank for PS2 where. I'm just uh... not going to go and check on that.