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A mostly successful nostalgic adventure through one of the point and click genres classic franchises. 0

As a long term fan of the Broken Sword series, "Broken Sword 5 - The Serpent's Curse" is both a lovely trip down memory lane and a mostly successful adventure in its own right.Seeing the return of George and Nico to a 2D adventure is a very welcome thing, the backgrounds are all beautiful throughout the entire game and I would look forward to each new location to see what it would look like, just as much as I was to continue the story. The 3D model based sprites used in the game while not a perf...

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The not so amazing Spider-Man 2 0

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is not a great game, let's get that out of the way early, and after 2012s surprisingly ok ‘The amazing Spider-Man’ it is both a disappointment and a definite backwards step for the series.The combat is visually flashy but void of any real depth.The first major complaint that can be put against the game is that even on a high end PC the frame rate is constantly choppy, with visual screen tearing and seemingly random frame rate dips even when nothing to crazy i...

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Hopefully not a glimpse of things to come. 1

Dirt Showdown takes an interesting and bold move in a franchise that is known for it's quality controlling and fast paced off road rally racing that doesn't necessarily pay off, but why?First it's probably worth mentioning that I would consider myself a fan of the Dirt franchise, not to the extent that I will rush out and purchase each game day one, but enough to eventually get around to playing the latest entries. With that in mind I didn't have particularly high hopes for Dirt Showdown, which ...

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Hardly a Revolution 0

As someone who would consider themselves something of an Assassins Creed fan, I looked forward to Assassins Creed 3 more than any other game this year, and while I have enjoyed my time with it, it’s overwhelming similarities to previous entries in the series and the inclusion of some issues that have plagued the series for a number of games now without change has left it feeling underwhelming and a little by the numbers.The biggest change this game is the setting and characters, after a trilogy ...

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A great sequel to a terrible game! 0

As someone who has played and been a part of the video game industry since the early 90's its safe to say I have a long and storied history with the Final Fantasy franchise, my first experience of Final Fantasy VII was the tipping point which changed me from a casual player to a full time gamer after all.However my love of the franchise has dwindled over time, as the rest of the worlds games became more advanced and interactive, Final Fantasy became almost stagnant before eventually taking a tur...

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A wasted Effort 0

At the time of writing this PSN was still down so I haven't managed to play any multiplayer so far, may adjust review and score later.Brink is an interesting case study for why looks aren't everything. At a glance Brink appears to be a beautiful looking first person shooter, with a unique and interesting visual design and colourful environments that other shooters could only dream of. Underneath the brilliant aesthetics however Brink is a very shallow half finished game.  The game consists of es...

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Suprisingly enjoyable 0

As a fan of the Gran Turismo series, I've been keeping an eye on the PSP version of Gran Turismo since it was announced all those years ago, but as the game came closer to launch and I saw more about it, I became very indifferent to it. I put this down initally to the videos I saw online, were the textures looked really rough and only the cars themselves looked good.   I eventually folded and bought it off the PSN, the first thing to note is that this game looks incredible on the PSP screen, don...

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How can you fail at making a hack and slash game? 1

I didn't really have high hopes for this game when I went in to it, but I never imagined for one second that it could be this bad. "What’s so bad about it?" I hear you cry, or not as no one cares, well let me tell you. First of all the most basic and fundamental thing that you should get right when making a Hack and Slash game.... the hacking and the slashing, the hit detection in this game is pretty awful, I mean it's ok for you attacking normal enemies and even them attacking you back, but so...

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A refreshing suprise. 0

When Tomb Raider was originally a big hit in the late nineties I was never a huge fan, although I was aware of its existence. My first contact with Tomb Raider was the version that came shipped with my very first PC, and as a mainly console gamer I’d have to admit to writing it off pretty quickly due to awkward controls and just generally spending more time playing Final Fantasy VII and Crash Bandicoot on my Playstation 1. Through the years my contact with Tomb raider was pretty sparse, I play...

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