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@CptBedlam said:

@EquitasInvictus said:

When you've got the right people it's far more fun enjoying some games locally than it is over the internet. Then again, it's just as easy to find enjoyment with the same people over the internet for me at least, so I guess I don't miss LAN parties too much.

I find it always way more fun to play with my friends locally than playing online with them. It's just different when you get together in a place.

I totally agree. I can say that I do miss everyone getting their computers together for a StarCraft LAN. It was fun party environment that just cannot be reproduced online and chatting on Skype. Yes, you can just physically go to your place with your rig and then do most of your gaming online together, but there was still something fun about setting it all up back then.

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OP edited to indicate the issue is cleared up. Thanks for the quick help all!

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Now that you mention it, I did check out the new beta site. I guess it possible that its from there. Thanks.

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EDIT: Thanks to the awesome people in the forums, this has been cleared up. Looks like it was from going to the beta site. Thanks for the help everyone!

Hello fellow duders!

I did a quick forum search for this but didnt come up with anything. If its a repeat or erroneous please let me know.

I received a weird e-mail from GB saying thanks for registering and telling me to click a long, random looking URL to fully activate my account (No I didn't click it). I have been a GB member since the site first went live, so I'm not sure if this is an error on the GB server side or if its some scam e-mail. Just wondering if anyone else has gotten this. It seems phishy to me.

Here is the text of the message with the really weird link removed.

Jan 5 (2 days ago)
to me

Thanks for signing up for Giant Bomb.

Click this link to activate your account:


Just a friendly message from the duders at Giant Bomb.


In any case, just beware.

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I don't get the hate. What am I missing here? The list seems fine.

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@onan said:

Keep in mind it depends on how you want to cut the XBL cost pie up. The console with Kinect is 299.99. It's $59.99 retail for a 12-month card, or $9.99 for a month to month account. Ignore the very obvious cost savings if someone is trying to cut corners by getting a monthly membership. By paying up front, you're only saving $40 over the next two years. That's forty dollars over seven-hundred and thirty days. I'll do the math for you: You can play the Xbox today for $420, or, you can pay $99.99 to play today, pay the rest later, with the added convenience fee of an additional $0.0548 per day. You save a nickel. If someone put the purchase on their credit card, depending on their APR, the compound interest might actually make it more expensive to buy this bundle in full on day one. (And let's be realistic here: If someone is considering this $99 deal, you know for a fact that putting it all on the CC is the only other option.)

This is criticizing people who can't scrounge up $400+ for an impulse purchase and really doesn't validate the snark. $400 isn't a tiny amount of money, and while many of us might be able to drop that much just because we like the new color or design of a system, a lot of people don't have that kind of extra scratch laying around. For the cost of a World of Warcraft subscription though, people can afford a brand new console *today* instead of a few months or a year from now. That's worth the small premium, I think.

You could ask why anyone here bothers with a Silver membership when a Gold Giantbomb membership costs less money in the long run. It's the same idea. Should people put off those impulse sign-ups because they don't have $50 for you guys today? It's a bit hypocritical.

Thank you for coming at this with a moderate mind frame. This isn't necessarily a bad dead.

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Doesn't matter to me really. I spend most of my game time on PC or mobile than on any of my consoles. But they all have games that i love to play on them.

Accept the future and embrace all platforms.

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@Excast said:

I'm sure they care because it affects their reputation which affects their bottom line. I think people expect MMOs to have issues when they launch. Diablo is not an MMO series. It is a predominantly single player experience that is now dealing with lag, kicks, and screwed up servers because of a poor design choice to combat piracy.

I really honestly believe that most games will require being online in the near future. If the new MS and Sony consoles do not require an internet connection to play, I will be shocked.

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@ccampb89 said:

Of course they care, it's a little immature to believe that they do not.


Although, I have to say, that when I got my CE this afternoon, I was able to install, log on, create a character and play with no issues, and I honestly don't think I'm just "lucky" in that arena.