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tekken rules 0

Wow if you are looking for a good fighter game a must buy game is called tekken 5 is an awesome game. Back in 1994 on an arcade system the first tekken was released and that was a good game. Tekken 5 is the same. No matter if it is for ps2 or arcade man you have played an awesome game. The game has so many fighters to use in the king of fighters tournament 5 with a hard boss to challenge uses a little. The graphical environment is a good way to represent the ps2 graphics system the battle arenas...

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crap 0

What in hell is this game about? A pile of crapness was used to make this crap and repetitive game. Tomb raider in 1996 was a new type of game which was different from rest until now in the year 2007. The game has not changed by gameplay. Really this game is just like legends with new scenery and a new menu what lazy people won't change a game and these people are eidos. The wii version is ok not great but ok with its new style of movement via the wii remote. From the remote you would hear gun s...

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rip off 1

Max Payne was a great success on the pc but for some reason rockstar down graded this great game to a lame game. 2002 saw the success of halo and other great games but on the pc rockstar made a game called max Payne and released it. It was a great success but the game turned lame as it arrived its way to the ps2. the storyline of this disastrous game is a cop called max Payne who is chased by his demons and sooner and later a plot was made to smoke out his family and as you proceed through this ...

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boring 0

Buggy as your ant farm glitchy as a game which was made by a one year old child this game is called True Crime: New York I have to admit the first game was alright by a debut cop game made by activison luxoflux that name sounds like a anime film. This game is one of the violence games this game comes with great games like the gta collection, resident evil and 50 cent that was garbage. You would probably think violence in a game is all you would need but you would need a good graphical environme...

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poor 2

006 was a good year for gamers but eidos changed that by releasing Reservoir Dogs. this game is alright for people who like violence but since eidos released Kane and lynch which disappointed a lot of gamers with horrible game play this is like reservoir dogs. the storyline is the same as the movie as a bank heist which goes wrong. this dull game doesn't deliver action like better third person games so i urge gamers to rent first or don't rent at all because you have better games at home which i...

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crap 0

I wish i was dead playing this game. this game is abyismal in the fact as the game would be played better on the nes for its crapness. The storyline of farcry vengeance is abyismal as you play a character named jack carver and thats all in know about the story line because the game didnot tell us about the story line.The sound is crap its starts for about 20 seconds and then stops whats the point in that.The last thing i would like to talk about is the lame and crap multiplayer mode. 2 modes wha...

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timespilliters 0

timespilliters is a good game if you have a friend to play multiplayer. the thing that bugged me was that the game was made on compact disk. they focused so much on the multiplayer that they had no space for the actual single player. The single player mode is the strangest thing you have played ever, its where you run through the level killing enemies and collecting one item and then running back to the finish. on average you can finish each level within 2 minutes. so basicly you can finish the ...

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Hitman At Its Best 0

agent 47 is back in blood money. the story. Agent 47 tries to escape the clutches of extinction after every mission he does as the agency begins to be destroyed. One man who wants to stop the cloning law from passing through will do anything to get his man. Gameplay – new improvements have been made to the game, you upgrade your weapons as you earn money after each mission and also you can for the first time in any hitman games you can buy health. In addition to these upgrades you can use your ...

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Rip Off 0

operation winback was a rip off it did not make any sense. the story line is about this man who`s name is john luc going undercover thats the only thing that made sense.the single player is slow and is difficult to get used to. it is not the quality of other third person shooter games. This game includes a co-op mode which is outdated compared to other games. It has the basic death matches but is so slow and can get boring in a few minutes. so overall this game has flaws which rates the game so...

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Perfect 0

san andreas is one of the greatest games in the series . the story line is straight forward you play as carl johnson who’s mother has been murdered carl has two objectives one make grove street the number one gang in los santos and two to find out who murdered his mother another thing is that in grove street there is four main me cj sweet big smoke and ryder. the gameplay adds more features than in vice one thing is you can grab on to the wall and go over it and also the graphics have improved g...

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Burnout 3 what a game 0

this game has everything in that you will like.the graphics are up to date this game features all the best cars in there categories, this game also features after touch this means when you crash you can move any direction you want to. this game also features online mode and multiplayer mode i recommend this game to any die hard racing fans this is the most fantastic superb and excellent game. pros - gameplay, cars and music cons- very repetitive, limited online features so i justify the rating...

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Braid Review 0

Braid for the xbox was a surprising success, when this puzzle game came out most people were waiting to see if this game was good or plain awful but to everyones surprise this was arguably the best game of 2008, it has recently been ported to the pc, most games which be ported are mostly awful for example when halo 2 was ported to the pc it was awful but this game is exactly like the xbox edition, the storyline is about a princess who is kidnapped but the main thing in this game is the gameplay,...

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One of the best Fighting games 0

Mortal Kombat Is One Of the best fighting games on the Ps2. it would not be MK with Out brutal violence and deception does not dissapoint on this factor. The only problem with this game is the characters they is not that many of them in this game. They Have Brought in a new game modes called puzzle kombat which is tetris with an evil MK twist to it and the other is chess kombat which also delivers an evil twist. The Story line is about this young warrior called shujinko which is trained with man...

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