My favorite games of all time

I'm surprised it's taken me this long to conceive this list. I've been playing video games since the age of 3 and over my 20 year obsession, I've played a lot of very good and very bad games. But every now and then I play a game that I will return to even years later and still enjoy as though it's my first experience with it. These gems are the reason I continue to play video games and I can only hope to add to that list as years continue to roll by. This list is likely to be updated fairly often.Chrono
With that being said, here is my list of what I consider to be the best video games of all time. 
**NOTE: Currently a work in progress**

List items

  • Quite simply, I have never played a game quite like Xenogears. The battle system is very fun and graphically impressive (both in human and gear form), the setting is interesting, the musical score is phenomenal and the story is so deep and complex that it sets the bar into the stratosphere, where I have yet to see an equal. I've played through this game fully no less than 7 times and have been thinking about doing so again in the near future. If you have not played this masterpiece, do yourself a favor and give it a shot.

  • Vagrant Story is a phenomenal game. Coming from the same designer of such games as Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen, Ogre Battle: Let us Cling Together and Final Fantasy XII, you would expect no less. Vagrant Story follows the exploits of Ashley Riot as he must explore the ancient city of Lea Monde to both save his partner Callo Merlose and take down the leader of a dangerous cult, Sydney Losstarot. The story is masterfully driven by strong characters and great musical scores, and contains more plot twists than you can shake a stick at. The battle system and weapon customization in this game is EXTREMELY complex, however if you can force yourself to understand the intricacies, you will have one of the best experiences with a video game possible.

  • I'm a fan of the entire Ogre Battle series and to pick a single one to put on this list is a tough decision to make. However, the formula used in the original Ogre Battle is one that has time and time again been very entertaining and original. In comparison to other "tactics" games, Ogre Battle places a lot more emphasis on the word. Much of how the game plays out is more dependent on how you set up teams and move them rather than the battle itself (over which you have very little control). It results in a surprisingly immersive world that leaves you craving more. However, part of what makes Ogre Battle so great is the entire universe and I would recommend trying out every game in the series.

  • Created by an All-Star team of game developers, Chrono Trigger was a pioneer in many different fields. Gameplay was fantastic and telling of Square RPGs at the time, but a lot of what made Chrono Trigger so great was the sheer magnitude of scale found within the game. Each of the game's many time periods has their own map and locations, and the story drags you through every one of them. Side quests are plentiful and quite simply, the best ever put in a video game and with 13 different endings, replay value was unparalleled. If you're looking for a colourful game with tons of options, this is definitely a front-runner.

  • Bullet hell shooters are definitely not for everybody. These games are by no means easy (in fact, to say they're difficult would be a huge understatement), however Mushihimesama Futari takes everything I love about bullet hell shooters and throws in a bunch of extras just to make it that much better. The graphics are beyond gorgeous, controls are extremely responsive and precise, the soundtrack is phenomenal and with skill based unlockables and tons of customization, Mushihimesama Futari truly is a treat for any danmaku fan. This game is just one of many reasons why CAVE is such a fantastic game development company.

  • I've always like the Metal Gear Solid games. Because of this, when I heard Metal Gear Solid 4 was coming out, I was extremely excited, yet nervous about whether it could live up to its predecessors. When it was finally released, it was not only worthy of the MGS name, but it surpassed the previous games in virtually every way. The Graphics are to this day, still among the best ever created. The musical score is great and the addition of an iPod allows you to play many musical scores from all of Hideo Kojima's games, including Snatcher and Policenauts (One Night in Neo Kobe city is my favorite :P). Gameplay is fantastic. Voice Acting is incredible and help to wrap up the main Metal Gear Solid Series as well as an epic final boss fight. If you haven't played this game yet, you simply have to.

  • I really thought about this for a long time, and I can't possibly choose which Lunar game I like better: This or its sequel. As a result, I'm declaring this one a draw and saying you simply have to play both (because I guarantee you'll want to play Eternal Blue after finishing this one). Lunar has some of the most well developed characters in video game history. The game itself is surprisingly difficult for a JRPG and it's quite likely that you will have to carefully plan out strategies instead of simply mashing the attack button until everything is dead. The animation is also beautifully crafted and succeeds in bringing a very colorful world alive. Highly recommended for RPG fans.

  • I'm going to just lump both RE:CV and RE:CVX together here. Resident Evil has been a series I've enjoyed since 1996, with the release of the original. Although the new "style" of Resident Evil games that debuted with Resident Evil 4 are indeed amazing games in their own right, I've always preferred the classic style of play which was defined primarily by Resident Evil. Code Veronica had all the good things and none of the bad with regards to what I like about Resident Evil and bringing back a certain iconic character only added icing on top of an already sky high cake.

  • Although all of the games above this have thus far been so great largely because of their story, Ninja Gaiden II is great simply because of its phenomenal gameplay. Although many may look in shock at how I could choose NG2 over Ninja Gaiden Black, don't worry. I love both of the Ninja Gaiden revival games a tremendous amount. What I felt gave the edge to the sequel however, is the constant pressure to attack as opposed to a more conservative play style utilized in the first game. The ability to de-limb opponents and take them out of commission not only opened the doors to a more aggressive and exciting experience, but a cooler looking one as well. Obliteration techniques are a very welcome addition to an already gore laden series. Although the game admittedly had some small glitches, I did not find them to hamper the experience in any way and I've spent many an hour playing Ninja Gaiden 2 (especially the mission mode... Damn you master ninja missions. Give me my life back).

  • After seeing trailers, play-throughs, reviews and the Quick Look on this web-site, I was already sold on Demon's Souls. However, once I actually got my hands on the game, I was pleasantly surprised at how far the game managed to exceed my expectations. Demon's Souls takes your typical dungeon crawler and adds a unique "soul" based system and online mechanic to create a very difficult, yet fun result. Despite the minimal dialogue, the story is fleshed out nicely through in game confrontations, an extremely well done dark atmosphere and the few conversations you'll find yourself having in the Nexus. Online, you can see the spirits of other players, although cannot interact with them. In addition, you may witness the final seconds of another player's life through examining their blood stains or if you're in deep trouble, summon another player to assist you. The game even has a PvP mechanic, where if you are alive (you can be in body or soul form, essentially being alive or dead), other players may invade your world to try and impede your progress. All in all, this game is fantastic and completely different from most boring dungeon crawlers I've encountered. It's certainly not a game for everyone, but definitely a game everyone should at least try.

  • The Final Fantasy series is one of the most legendary in the business. Although the recent iterations of the franchise have been less impressive than expected, the 2D games were unparalleled. None exemplified this more than Final Fantasy VI (originally released as Final Fantasy III on North American soil). A large, customizable cast of unique and memorable characters, a sprawling world with numerous side quests and exciting, action packed game play helped this game pave the way for future successes in the franchise.

  • Anyone who enjoys Tactics games should have this appear somewhere on their list. Pretty much the archetype for tactics games to follow, Final Fantasy Tactics is a superb game in pretty much every regard and deserves even more recognition than it has already received. So far, no sequel has done the original justice, which is a shame.