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My RPG list (finished and unfinished)

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  • I think I've played the original Fallout at least 3 times, but only managed to finish it once.</br>

    The gameplay was very crude and some of the challenges downright absurd (I hate Deathclaws), but the game is still great.

  • Played only about a third of it before my old PC fried, for one reason or another I was never able to pick it again.

  • I admit I was among those that were very doubtful about Bethesda ability to handle this franchise. I was also among those that apologized after five minutes playing in Fallout 3.</br>

    I'm still playing it, but I have one major gripe, the DLC quality is very hit or miss, when they work they are great, when they don't I hate every minute of them.

  • I heard a lot of complaining about New Vegas being either <i>"identical to Fallout 3, save the setting"</i> or <i>"completly unfaithful to the Fallout style and just a cowboy game".</i></br>

    Now I have a couple if things to say myself: first, this is a RPG, it's a story based game, it's not about incredible gameplay innovations, it's about telling a great story with you as the protagonist; second, being a RPG franchise Fallout is required to evolve, New Veags is set at least 80 years after the first game, it has to be different. Fallout 3 was much more unfaithful to the original game with its tons of Power Armor lying around...</br>

    Given that I haven't finished the game yet.

  • I have a sttrange relationship with this game. See, I wasn't a fan of elder Sroll at the time, it was friend of mine that got me into this game and I still love and hate him ofr that.</br>

    I admit that for his time Daggerfall was a great game, especially the story was fantastic, but I hated every minute of the gameplay. The whole "shake the mouse to strike" system was something I could never stomach.

  • Oblivion is my first attempt to get back to Elder Scroll in years, so far I'm not too impressed.</br>

    The game is very solid, but the story doesn't appeal me (I have only played about 4 hours into the game).

  • The game that started it all.</br>

    Seriously BG is the first computer RPG that I played with some real dedication and, in spite of not being a fan of Forgotten Realms, I really enjoyed. The story isn't that spectacular and some of the NPCs are really a pain to have, but I still love the game.

  • As above, TotSC is a good expansion to a great game.

  • BG2 started a thread that Bioware is keeping up to these days, the possibility to import characters from a game to the next. I think it's a wonderful idea and I love being able to continue a story without having to rebuild a character from scratches.</br>

    There's only one problem, due to the nature of D&D rules some characters became completly useless whe you do a import and keep playing, which sucks... a lot...

  • See Above.

  • If there was a old school game that closed to perfection was Torment. The story hooks you the minute you start playing and the more you play the better it works. I heard a lot complains about the lack of a sequel, but in my opinion is better this way and, if you really want a sequel, go find some friends and play a Pen & Paper game for a change.

  • ToEE, the game it could have been and the disappointment it was.</br>

    As a general rule I love the Troika style of games, favoring speaking over brute force. ToEE is full of this and use one of the best AD&D adventures as base. Unfortunalty some questionable design choices and Atari's decision to rush it into production doomed this to be reminded as one of the worst RPG ever.

  • The final frontier done right.</br>

    To me Mass Effect hold the distinction ofbeing one of the few space-based/alien-based games that looks interesting. It avoids both the major pitfalls of the genre: being too politically correct and racially integrated (like Star Trek), and being too alien and distant (like the "Alien" franchise).

  • This game is in this list only for one reason: the sheer fun factor. Granted the caustic brand of sarcasm the authors used isn't for everyone. But once you get into it it's funny as hell. And the ending is just nuts.</br>

    Unfortunatly the flaws of the game are just as blatant, the control system is crappy - making some choices of weapons next to useless - the graphic is just average and the music dwindle between some great and very catchy part, to some obnoxious inserts ("It's Bad Luck To Be You" is especially horrid after a couple of times).