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Somadude Plays FFVI (day 10) Flashbacks aplenty!

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Hey everyone, it's day 10 and also the last blog of this week. 
So let's see what happened in the world of FFVI today!
- I arrive at Figaro castle and upon entering the hall outside of the throne room, Sabin leaves the party to look around his old home.
- I then went to the Inn to heal up, and was treated to a flashback via Sabin. The flashback takes me back to when Sabin & Edgar lost their father. And how that effected not only their lives, but the kingdom as a whole. Very touching.
- After that, I went to the basement and talked to the... uh... castle driver? Who took me to the other side of the desert outside Kahlingen. 
- As I looked around town for hidden items, shops ect. I went into a house that triggered another flashback, this time it's Locke's.  The flashback begins with Locke and a girl named Rachel entering a cave. Locke promises Rachel that there is a " hidden treasure" somewhere in the cave. But as Locke heads across a bridge, it starts to give way. Rachel pushes Locke out of the way in time, but she falls to the bottom of the cave. Locke then takes Rachel back to her house and sits by her bedside, until she wakes up. However when she does finally wake up, Locke finds out that she has lost her memory. Locke is then forced to leave the Kahlingen and isn't allowed to see Rachel ever again. But the worst is yet to come. When the flashback ends, Locke tells the others that a year after the accident, Rachel was killed in a Imperial attack. She had regained her memory before she died, and she also remembered him. Ouch.
- Once I regain my composure, I talked to some of the townsfolk. They say that they saw Terra, flying south towards the town of Jidoor.
- I cross the desert and finally arrive at Jidoor. After doing the usual buy new stuff/ talk to people, I find out about the town of Zozo, and decide to head there and see whats up. 
I stopped just outside of Zozo, because it seems like a pretty big chunk of content. 
Tune in on Monday to see what happens next!

Somadude Plays FFVI (day 9) Someone's missing.

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Hey everybody, day 9!
Before I start I just want to give a quick shout-out to user: ShadowVirus, who made my new intro image ^^^ up there.
But now, what happened in the world of FFVI today?
- As you know, Narshe is just about to be attacked by Kefka and his army of Empire soldiers. Before the battle starts though, I have to select three teams. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say my team can get the job done.
- I then fight my way through a bunch of soldiers, mechs and what look like armored bears, in order to get to Kefka.
- When I reach him we fight, though I was expecting a little more "fight" from him. Whatever.
- After the battle Kefka flees (like always) and everyone goes to check on the Esper, that is off on some mountain ledge.
- But as soon as everybody get's there, things go wrong. Upon seeing Terra, the Esper sends a shock-wave that knocks everyone but Terra, flat on their back-sides.
- After some ominous glowing and Terra screaming at the top of her lungs " WHO AM I!!!", the Esper sends out a beam of energy that transforms Terra into... something.
- The game then takes me on a little journey with the new Terra, as she flies over mountains and lakes all DBZ style.
- Next thing I know, I'm back at Arvis' house looking at Locke in bed. Celes comes in just as Locke wakes up, and after asking him if he's alright, they talk about what happened to Terra. Celes says she looked like an Esper ( hmm) , but before she can say anymore, Edgar comes in and tells Locke & Celes that witnesses saw Terra fly over Figaro Castle. Locke then runs out of room determined to go after her, and after a moment of hesitation, the others agree.
- But before anyone can go, everyone decides that the best thing to do is split up. One group goes out to look for Terra, the other stays to keep Narshe safe. I choose my group, Edgar, Celes, Sabin and Locke. I then went looking around Narshe for hidden treasure and also, did a little weapon/ armor shopping.
 - And once all that's done, I'm on my way to Figaro Castle.
Well, that was fun. And I'm not joking, that was probably the most exciting thing that's happened in this game since the Ghost Train from a few days ago.
Stay tuned for day 10!
And please, leave a comment if you read this. 
Thank you.

Somadude Plays FFVI (day 8) Follow the light!

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Hey duders, its day 8!
So, what happened in the world of FFVI today?
- As soon as Terra's sequence starts, I find myself back on the Lethe River. Yeah, the same river that I was at 5 hours ago. 
- Anyway, I fight my way out of the river and out into the overworld map. I then make my way back to the city of Narshe, where I enter the same tunnels where Locke saved Terra in the beginning of the game.
- However, some things have changed, most notably the room where Locke and the moogles fought all those wolfs. The room has basically been turned into a pattern based maze, where your main goal is to follow a blue light, make one mistake and its back to the start. 
- After a few failed attempts and screw ups, I make my way to the other side of the room. I then go through a series of tunnels and actually go through a room full of moogles, weird...
- Once I get out of the caves I head back to the 'old man's' house, who I then find out is actually named Arvis. 
- The game then shifts to a scene where Banon and Avis are trying to convince the Elder of Narshe to help them against the Empire. But the Elder thinks helping them would be " useless bloodshed." Luckily at that  very moment, Sabin, Cyan and Gau come into the house, and after a short meet and greet, they tell Edgar about Doma.
This along with the arrival of Locke and Celes, seems to finally convince the Elder to help the returners in their mission.
- And just in time, because in a split second a guard bursts through the doors and tells the Elder that the city will soon be under attack.
But who would attack Narshe? Kefka... duh.
- So then everybody bands together and heads outside to defend the city. On the way there, Edgar, Cyan and Terra all have things to say to Celes. Edgar simply tells her not to fall for Locke's charms. Cyan doesn't trust her because she was a former general in the Empire's army, and Terra just wants to know if she can feel love. 
I decided to leave today of on an exciting note, that way you'll come back tomorrow!
So, how do I like it so far?
 You know what? I think I'm going to cut this part out off my blog. Maybe I'll replace it with something less redundant, I don't know.
Stay tuned for day 9!

Somadude Plays FFVI (day 7) Cavemen love dried meat.

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Hey everybody, I love mondays. But I also love the world of FFVI, so lets see what happened there today.
- I braved the overworld map and found my way to the town of Mobliz.
- There I found a wounded soldier who has nothing to do with the main story, but I helped him deliver some mail anyway.
- I then went back to the overworld to do some grinding. After fighting a gang of ugh, bunny... things, our wild-boy hero Gau showed up. He said he was hungry, so I gave him some food, makes sense, right?
- After Gau joins the party he tells Sabin and Cyan about a "shiny treasure" that can be found in a crescent shaped cave.
- I found the Crescent Mountain Cave and entered, shaking with excitement for the treasure ahead. But Gau isn't the brightest cave-dude around and tells Sabin that he "lost" the "shiny." But it's all cool, because as I wandered around Gau found the treasure!!! Yay!!
- Turns out the treasure was just some old diving helmet ( bummer.) But it's the perfect thing to use when you want to go " Rapids Diving" which Sabin and crew decide is the only way they're going to get where they need to go. 
- I have just one thing to say before this next part, why does this game love waterfalls, rafting and diving so much?
- Anyway, after a short water diving/ fish fighting sequence, the party now finds themselves at the Nikeah docks.
- I decided to do a little shopping, then I got on the ferry heading to South Figaro, FINALLY!!
- That leaves me with only one more  to do, Terra's scenario.
So, how do I like it so far?
I'm now realizing that the ghost train sequence may be the craziest this game gets, and that kinda bums me out.
But I'm still having a really great time with FFVI, so far.

But stay tuned anyway, for day 8!

Somadude Plays FFVI (day 6) Is fighting trains considered epic?

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Oh hi there!
I'm still getting over my cold, but don't worry, I didn't forget to stop by the world of FFVI. So, whats going on in that magical and demon train filled world today?
- As you know, I left off yesterday in a dining car aboard the Phantom Train. Well, after a quick meal, I left the car and moved one step closer to finding that engine room!
- But on my way there, I was attacked by a no good thief named siegfried. Who thought it would be cool to take my treasure chest after I got done delivering a package from pain central, straight to his face!
- Anyway, once that was done, I moved through a couple more cars until I outside the engine room at the front of the train. Ghost decided that now was a great time to leave and after I pulled a few switch's in the engine room, the train attacked me! 
- But hey, Sabin & Cyan are both experts when it comes to killing evil trains, so it was pretty easy. The train then lets Sabin & Cyan off the train ( FREEDOM!!)
- As I was making my way out of the station, Sabin & Cyan notice a bunch of people boarding the train! But more importantly, Cyan's wife and child.
- But before Cyan can reach them, the train pulls out of the station and my heart sinks to the pit of my stomach.
- *sniff* oh, sorry, I was just stopping snot from dripping all over my keyboard. BACK ON TOPIC, I head towards the cave of Barren Falls.
- While there, Sabin & Cyan discuss their next move, and both agree that the town of Mobliz, is the only way to go. But how will they get there? By jumping down a waterfall of course!
- Okay, first there was a talking train, now I'm fighting flesh-eating fish  while falling down a waterfall! Sweet.
- I guess jumping down a waterfall isn't very safe and it causes Sabin to pass out. Luckily he manages to wash up safely on shore, where a fur-wearing wild boy named Gau finds him. However when Sabin wakes up and try's to communicate with Gau, he freaks out and runs away!
- But no matter, as always I press on to the next town, Mobliz.
So, how do I like it so far?
This game is getting kind of crazy.. and I love that.
Stay tuned for day 7 on monday!

Somadude plays FFVI (day 5) Mucus and Ghosts.

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Hey everybody, I'm sick today... But the blog must go on!!
So whats going on in the world of FFVI today? ( sorry this one is going to be pretty short *cough* *sneeze* *barf*)
- After leaving the imperial camp, Sabin, Shadow and Cyan make their way to the Phantom Forest to the south.
- However things are a little sketchy, with ghosts and other assorted baddies running amok. Also, while fighting off the aforementioned baddies, Shadow left the party.. I mean, what? why'd he do that?!  ( don't worry, I know exactly why, he didn't like that Cyan was getting all the attention)
- Anyway, after a brisk run through the forest Sabin & Cyan find an old train station. Curious to see if anyone is still here, they investigate, only to have the doors shut behind them as they enter one of the cars. And if you thought it couldn't get any worse, it does, and I am now trapped inside a moving ghost train.
- Sabin suggest finding the engine room to  try and stop the train, good thinking... genius. But whadaya know? things go pear-shaped real quick when I find myself surrounded by ghost who say " No.... Escape" over and over. Luckily, Sabin can jump train cars like spiderman and uses that to escape the chanting ghosts.
- After a quick dash to detach the previous cars from the current car, Sabin, Cyan and my new found buddy the Ghost; all make it safely into the dining car. 
So, how do I like it so far?
The Phantom train is actually pretty cool, the music here is great! But combat is getting a little rough, I'll probably grind for a bit before going much farther.
Stay tuned for day 6! 
And don't get sick!!

Somadude plays FFVI ( day 4) Green water = death.

Hey everybody, it's day 4! ( yeah I know it's more like day 7, but I'm doing it now and that's all that matters, kay?)
Well today was quite a eventful day in the world of FFVI, lets take a look.
- After drifting down the lethe river for a long time ( or a short time ) Sabin finally wake up on the overworld map.
- I then find my way to a nearby cabin and what do I find? well it's only the most awesomest , bestest ninja in the whole world, Shadow!!! whoohoo!!
- Anyway, Sabin asks him if he knows how to get to Narshe. Shadow says the only way is through the city of Doma. But he also tell Sabin that the empire is planing to attack the city, and that there is a small encampment nearby.
- A short walk later and Sabin and Shadow find themselves at the entrance of the imperial camp. And in no time they begin eavesdropping on the soldiers. Turns out that Kefka is also in the camp and is planning to do something behind the general's back. But before they can say what he's going to do, Kefka shows up and tells them to get back to their posts. But, one thing leads to another and the entire camp is heading off to storm Castle Doma. 
- As the camera pans over the castle and it's impending doom, you can clearly see that they have no chance of fighting back... or do they?
- Turns out that there's a guy named Cyan in the castle who is obviously a total guard- wasting machine. He tells them that in order to win you have to take out the their leader. 
- After doing that, and watching the empire retreat, Cyan and the "forces" ( I use that term lightly) of Castle Doma, head back inside to wait for another attack.
- But what  are Sabin and Shadow up too? Well they're doing some more eavesdropping. This time, it's on the general himself, who's name is Leo. 
  Turns out Leo isn't such a bad guy, okay maybe he is, but he seems like a pretty honorable guy too me. You hear Leo talking to one of the guards about not" throwing his life away" and "rushing into things blindly." But he is interrupted by an urgent message from Emperor Gestahl. Then Kefka shows up and Leo tells him to take care of the place while he's gone. Kefka doesn't seem to like Leo, but that's beside the point. After Leo leaves, Kefka asks one of the guards if "the poison" is ready. The guard tells him it;s too risky and that he could harm a lot of innocent people. But Kefka is evil and stuff, so he takkes it anyway. But that doesn't sit well with Sabin, who then confronts Kefka.
- After a couple of short battles and a small chase, Kefka leaves Sabin with the guards and heads off to put the poison to use. I then see what Kefka was planning all along, he was going to poison the city's water supply in hope that it would wipe out every one inside.
- Back at the castle, the poison does the dirty on most of the guards, save for Cyan and some other dude. Cyan then rushes to tell the king before it's too late!
- But it's too late anyway, for both the king and Cyan's family ( ouch. ) This sends Cyan into a rage and he storms out to lay waste to the imperial camp.
- I then regain control of Sabin and help Cyan waste some fools! 
- After the aforementioned " wasting" Sabin suggests getting out of the camp before the entire empire shows up. He sees some nearby mechs and decides that they are the best thing they have. A quick driving lesson and a few laser blasts later, Sabin , Shadow and Cyan make it out of the camp. Before leaving Sabin asks where they should be heading, and Cyan says the only way to get to Narshe is through the forest to the south.. 
And that concludes a day 4!
Sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger, but I'm writing this at 3 am and I need my beauty sleep. But before I go...
How am I enjoying it so far?
Today showed me that even though you're about 4 hours in, combat can still be a rare thing. And in a game with characters like this, I'm totally cool with lots of story and little bits of combat.
Stay tuned for day 5!


Somadude plays FFVI (day 3) Soup n *mumble*

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Hey everybody, It's day three already! 
So what fantastical things happened in the world of FFVI today? 
Well, if you read the day two blog you'll remember that I was left with a choice.  A choice between three different  party's, Locke, Terra & friends, or Sabin. I chose Locke. 
- Locke left to go help out in south figaro, turns out that the guards were too much and now Locke has to find a way out of the city! 
- But what is his master plan? Well, its actually kind of awesome. Steal random peoples clothes to disguise himself all while saying some very cheesy one liners. 
- Turns out that the plan worked and Locke ends up in an underground prison... or something. There, he finds a women who is being help captive by some empire guards. 
 Locke goes into sam fisher mode and manages to free her. After a bit of small talk involving treason and all that jazz, Locke takes a key from a nearby, soup-obsessed guard, and they leave the prison without too much trouble. Finding some really great relics along the way ( who knew a Ribbon could be so great?) 
- Before they leave the prison, Celes asks Locke why he's helping her. His response,"you remind me of someone" hmmm. 
- Next I headed north, back to the south figaro caves, where I found more then just a few Gold Bears. In fact the boss fight with the Tunnel Armor was actually pretty tough, but luckily Celes' runic powers were a real life-saver.  
- I am then brought back to the moogle powered, " choose a path" screen. Who will I choose?  So, how do I like it so far? 
With the exception of the random encounters, I think this might be the most interesting 16-bit FF game, from a gameplay perspective. And I like all of the characters, so far. 
Stay tuned for tomorrow's update. 
Thank you.

Somadude plays FFVI (day 2) *sluurp*

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Day two! 
Today I learned a couple of things, 1. Edgar is awesome and 2. giant octopuses can talk! 
But on to what happened in the world of FFVI today.. 
- After escaping from Kefka, the gang heads to the south figaro caves to get to the Returners hideout. 
- But first we stop off at south figaro, a nice little town filled with treasure and shopkeepers. After a bit of grinding my party and gearing them up, I head to the pub. 
- There at the bar I see a ninja, Edgar tells us that he is dangerous and that his name is Shadow. I hope to see more of this heartless assassin in the future. 
- I then made my way to Duncans house north of south figaro, Edgar suspects that his brother Sabin might be living there. And on further inspection and a nice little chat with a random old man, it would seem that Edgar is on to something. The old man says that the owner of the house left for Mt. Koltz and he hasn't come back yet. 
So of course that is my next destination. 
- As I made my way through the mountain, I noticed a shadowy figure jumping from ledge to ledge. Could it be Sabin? or something more sinister? 
 Well, after some combat and loot hunting I get my answer, kind of. Turns out that the shadowy figure was a man named Vargas, who isn't happy to see strangers on his mountain. A battle ensues and when Vargas is on the brink of death, he decides that he will end it the easy way. But not before Sabin comes out of nowhere to throw some raging fist's at him. That seems to do the trick and Edgar and the gang are saved! 
- After some small talk and Terra calling Sabin a "bear", Sabin joins the group and I continue on through the mountain. 
- In no time at all, I'm standing at the entrance to the Returners hideout. A guard lets me in and I am quickly led to another room. 
 In this room I am introduced to Banon a grizzled looking dude. He goes on about how humanity is greedy and how a long time ago, man unleashed evil into the world. 
 He also tells Terra that she is the worlds " last hope." Edgar doesn't like how Banon is forcing this on her and Banon decides it would be best to just go out side and cool off. 
- After talking with the rest of the party and taking any loose stuff I could find, I head outside to talk with Banon. He asks Terra if she would join the resistance, to which I replied "yes." But then all hell breaks loose when a guard comes stumbling in, saying that south figaro is under attack. Banon tells Edagar, Sabin and Terra to follow him to Narshe, while Locke heads to south figaro to help out.  
- After making my way through a couple of tunnels, I find my self at the lethe river, raft in the water. So what do you do when you have a raft and a river? You...umm... use the raft... 
- What follows is a pretty cool raft sequence where your only real concern is " stay to the left", oh and "don't let Banon die." At the end of the sequence a giant octopuss named Ultros attacks the party. Ultros likes long walks on the beach and "sluurping" his enemies. Once the fight is over, Ultros dives back into the water and Sabin in all his steroid induced rage goes after him. 
And after a short bit of panic and Banon telling everyone " He'll be okay" Sabin flies  out of the water and drifts down the river. Now the game presents three different paths to choose, See what Lockes up to, continue with Terra Edgar and Banon, or see what kind of trouble Sabin is in. ADVENTURE!!!  
So, how do I like it so far? 
 Even more then I did yesterday, VI is a very impressive game even now. I like how the game moves and I also like Edgar's crossbow, Sabin's punches and Banon's praying. So far, so good. 
Stay tuned for tomorrow's update and make sure to comment if you read! 
Thank you.

Somadude plays FFVI ( day 1)

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Alright, day one is a go. 
Here's what happened in the world of FFVI today. 
- As soon as the game opens we are introduced to two of the shortest lived characters in FF history, Wedge and Biggs. Behind them a greened haired girl named ??????? 
- Wedge and Biggs talk about a multitude of important and insightful thing's, but the important stuff includes,Espers and the fact that ????? is a cold blooded killer. 
- After the credits, the game gives you control of the party and are quickly thrust you into the heat of battle. A few peons and a boss fight later, they find the esper they were looking for. 
- Turns out the esper didn't like our friend's Wedge and Biggs and quickly disposes of them, but our mind controlled lady friend lives to tell the tale. 
- Sadly upon waking up in a strangers bed, she discovers that she has lost her memory! But luckily she manages to remember her name, Terra. 
- The owner of the house tells Terra that soldiers are after her an that she needs to leave through the underground tunnels below the city. 
- While looking for a way out, Terra gets cornered by a gang of soldiers, but manages to fall through the floor into the caverns below ( lucky!) 
- But it seems that the fall was harder then expected and Terra passes out. The game then go's back to the old mans house and there we are introduced to the theif, pardon me, "treasure hunter" Locke. 
- The old man tells Locke about Terra, Locke seems concerned for her and goes off to find her in the tunnels. 
- Luckily he does, but the soldiers aren't far behind and with the help a few moogles, Locke manages to save Terra. 
- Locke tells Terra that they should head to Figaro castle as soon as possible, and they.... umm... do that. 
- Turns out Figaro castleis in the middle of the desert and is ruled by a very charming king named Edgar. Edgar then proceeds to hit on Terra, but to no avail. 
- After a bit of exploring you find out that Edgar has a twin brother named Sabin, and that they haven't spoken in years. Upon returning to the throne room Edgar ask's how you like the castle, but is interrupted by one of the guards alerting him to the arrival of someone named Kefka. 
- Kefka is looking for Terra, but Edgar isn't going to just hand her over and decides to simply speak with Kefka instead. 
- The next morning, Edgar is awoken by the sound of screaming guards and burning castles!  
  Turns out Kefka was tired of waiting a decided to take matters into his own hand's. 
- Edgar decides that now is a great time to get the eff' outta there and tells his counselor  to "get her ready" 
  Kefka thinks he's talking about Terra, when really Edgar was saying " yo get ma ride ready, we bout' to bust."  
- They then proceed to run away in the only way suitable, on the back's of chocobo's. 
- After a boss fight with a couple of mechs, Edgar tells his men to put the castle in " dive mode" which literally makes the castle  dive into the sand! 
- On the ride out, Edgar tells Terra about "the returners" a group of rebels that Edgar has been secretly allied with. And that the leader of the group, Banon, can help her understand her unique magical gifts. 
So, how do I like it so far? 
I like it lot, the game looks nice and there are a couple of cool game play features that the other early ( or later ) FF games didn't/ don't have. 
 Looking forward to more, also hoping my save files don't get wiped out again.   
Stay tuned for tomorrows  update.
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