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Best of 2009

Somadude: Best of 2009

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  • This is easily the most beautiful game i've ever seen, and it's action packed and funny. Add to that a fun and rewarding multiplayer and you have yourself a truly great game. My favorite 09' game,

  • This game is just plain fun, and there is enough content both on disc and downloadable to keep you busy for weeks. Borderlands is my number 2 pick for 09'.

  • One word can describe AC II and that word is, "Refined" Ubisoft took the concepts from the first game and made every single thing about the gameplay better, broader and more enjoyable. Not only is AC II a fine sequel, it's also my number 3 pick for 09'

  • I've always enjoyed RPGs, Bioware being one of my favorites. However I didn't expect Dragon age to be this good, in fact I never expected ant great things from a slow paced, tactical RPG in a world of shooters and instant gratification. After spending 40 hours playing through game I can say without a doubt that DA:O is one of 09's best games.

  • Going into the beatles I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting myself into, and that is, more rock band. However I cane out of the game with a lot more, not only did I get my rock band fix. But I also found a new found respect and admiration, not only for the beatles, but for harmonix for putting together one of the most sublime video game experiences I've ever seen.

  • Again as with MW 2 Left 4 dead 2 is pretty low on the list. But unlike MW 2 it's not the developers fault. It's the community, yes the VS mode is that messed up. In the end though this game is great fun and a true testament to Valves undeniable developing skills.

  • You don't have to be a fan of batman to appreciate the amount of thought and detail that the developers put into this game. They manage to portray batman and arkham in the best possible way, giving every minute of the game character. Also, the joker is truly evil, truly.

  • The idea behind Shadow complex is simple, take old school mechanics and dress then up in current generation graphics. Though it sounds stupid, it's actually a ton of fun, and one of 09's best.

  • Yes, I know that this game is pretty low on my list. The reason for that is that Modern warfare 2 feels slightly unbalanced to me. On one hand you have addictive multiplayer and truly epic co-op play, on the other you have a short single player with a messy plot. The overall product is great, but maybe IW needs to rethink they're storytelling.

  • Out of all the games I played this year, this one was the the most fun. An addictive mix of platforming and puzzle solving. And with plenty of free things to download via PSN, a very cute game.