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Games played in 2018

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  • 4/5- Difficulty spikes

  • 5/5- Mature story and fun combat

  • 4/5- The best FPS campaign since Halo Reach. Incredible feeling guns

  • 2/5- Couldn't bring myself to finish it. Boring gameplay and shit boss fights

  • 4/5- Charming as hell, but finding the last time pieces you need to fight the final boss is a grind

  • 3/5- Pretty unremarkable. Great aesthetics, but the dream sequences were bad to play, and the story didn't hit for me like it did with others. Maybe if I was an American teenager, it'd "click" more

  • 3/5- It started fun, but kinda dragged out somewhere near the 50/75% mark. The upgrades stopped being interesting, and I found the core gameplay mechanic just didn't interest me anymore

  • 3/5- Good initial gameplay, but the death mechanic ruins the game. When you're in an area where you get 2 shotted by the normal enemies, and you're fighting FIVE past incarnations of yourself, the game is too hard. Which is a shame, because the base gameplay is so fun.

  • 3/5- Dissapointment of the generation so far. I've been looking forward to playing for over 3 years. Artstyle and music are top tier, but boring gameplay, vanilla story and endless grinding in one way or another really brought this down.

    EDIT: Updated from 2/5 to 3/5. I was maybe a little harsh

  • 5/5- You absolutely have to play this.

  • 4/5- Charming as hell and fun to play, but some parts/kingdoms got kinda tedious

  • 2/5- I haven't been this bored by a game since Last of Us. Couldn't be bothered playing till the end

  • 4/5- Removing pretty much all social interaction is kinda killing the game. The Legion content is good, and the story is interesting, but the MMO part of the game might aswell not exist anymore.

  • 3/5- Spectacular music, and decent visuals, and the combat was interesting, but the stories are kinda bare bones and boring. I did a few chapter 2's, and had ZERO interest in carrying on. The game became "Go to town>Use Path Abilities>See some story>Traipse through a dungeon in 10 minutes>Fight a boss>Repeat ad nauseum"

    I could see why people like it, but it was just kinda boring

  • 5/5- Got back into this game with a friend, and good GOD is it fun. Amazing weapons, brilliant physics, awesome generated levels. It's 1999 and I'm 10 again

  • 3/5- I can see why people liked it, but it's just not for me. The core gameplay is kinda boring, and I spent most of my time watching Netflix on my second monitor

  • 3/5- Good levelling content, especially the art and music. The gameplay is so dumbed down though, and the endgame content is fucking diabolical

  • 4/5- A very charming, sweet game with nice music, interesting gameplay that didn't outstay its welcome, and funny characters

  • 3/5- I don't think Dragon Quest games are for me, with this one being the final nail in the coffin. The artstyle and localisation were fantastic, and every time I got to see new enemies, I was thrilled at how ingenious they were. But the core gameplay was just boring. The combat is very basic, and the skill trees are super boring, not allowing much room for diversity. It doesn't help that the music was super plain, and often times really inappropriate for many situations. If you're a DQ fan, I can see you liking it, but as someone who really likes good gameplay and innovations in gameplay, this just did nothing for me

  • 5/5- Picked this up on a sale after clamoring to play everytime there was a free weekend. I'm really pleased that I bought it. It's the perfect "drop in for 15 minutes" game, and it's really fun to play with a friend. Granted, I've only played about a third of the available characters (Mercy and Brigitte being my favorite so far), but as long as they don't completely screw it up, I can see myself playing for a lot longer

  • 4/5- Easy to recommend, but not without its problems. Getting around the city is an absolute delight, and the game is breathtakingly gorgeous. The city looks amazing, the the character models are incredibly lifelike, with special mention going to Otto Octavius. The core gameplay and combat feels like the best version of the Batman formula it's ever been too.

    However, the game is let down by some minor, but consistently bad decisions, at least for how I play games. The sequences where you DON'T play as Spider-Man are dreadful. They're not fun, and really take you out of the game. There's one section that sticks out where you play as MJ investigating Osborn's apartment at the end that goes on for 45+ minutes, and I was so bored I just stopped playing after it. In addition to this, I wasn't overly keen on the boss fights. With one exception, it kinda just devolved to "Dodge their attacks, web them up and then wail on them with melee. Repeat until dead".

    The most frustrating part however, was when you wanted to move in a small direction somewhere. Like, say you were on a building, and wanted to climb up a very short ledge to get a backpack. It's very difficult and annoying to manage then. I think the game is so insistent on making everything you do look "super cool and fluid" that you end up doing stuff you don't want to do. Frustrating.

    However, the final boss fight was very MGS4. I liked it. All in all, an easy game to recommend, but not without its flaws

  • 4/5- Specifically "Trouble in Terrorist Town". Been playing with a bunch of friends on my main discord server, and while I'm pretty bad at it, I'm enjoying playing it. It's fun, goofy and with friends, fantastic

  • I'm hoping to finish this before the year ends. So far, it's a 4/5

  • I'm hoping to finish this before the year ends. So far, it's a 5/5

  • I'm hoping to finish this before the year ends. So far, it's a 5/5

  • I'm hoping to finish this before the year ends. So far, it's a 5/5