Revisiting childhood favorites

I'm about to sit down to watch a DVD double pack that a friend gave me.  Cloak & Dagger and The Wizard.  I've seen The Wizard fairly recently and I still love it.  "The power glove.  It's so bad" is still one of my favorite lines in any movie ever.  Sure this movie may not be much more than a commercial for Super Mario but really what movie aimed towards the youth market isn't a commercial for something? 
Anyhow, I'm fairly sure I'm going to realize I was a little bit retarded as a child (who am I kidding, I'm sure in a few years I'll realize I was a little bit retarded at the time I was writing this) because I remember Cloak & Dagger being pretty awesome.  Just looking at the DVD case I'm certain it isn't. 
Maybe I'll just put these back on the shelf and go watch Tron, there's a film that held up well.  Okay, maybe not but man those light cycles were and still are pretty damned cool.  Seriously, who doesn't want a light cycle?