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Games beaten in 2023

Games finished in 2023. Total VR convert. List order Finalized Jan 3rd.

List items

  • Very fun game. Way better than Scott pilgrim. Will finish this and get the sequel. I think I was getting a little tired of the 3rd person action games. So far game of the year. Finished 3.5.23 There is a new game + that lets you play for dark side. Storyline seems like it changes but I can't put another 10 hours into this game. My most revisited game in the last couple of years. This and Final Fantasy XV are the only games in the last 20 years that I have gone back to play for a new game plus or second run through. Very simplistic game but it's all the bells and whistles of the slot machine when you get things perfect. This game demands perfection from me in the most basic of ways and I love it for that. The game paralyzes the system and gives real NES struggle bus vibes. I tried 2 but it's a 3D game versus 2.5 like this game. Game was made by Game Mill which is like puppy mill. Some good can from both of those things.

  • This might be the most fun I've had all year with a game. I am jumping into this series. I bought the other 4 games in this series which make up Season 1. Season 2 was supposed to come out at and feature the vastness of Space in 2023. I guess it was delayed.

  • I really forgot about this game. I need to go back through my list. Edits incoming. This game gave the whole breadth of what VR could be. It get's to the comic violence of Batman which is all the violence I can take in VR. Resident Evil and Dark Pictures games are too hard on the heart. I can't wait until there is a quality Batman game that is 3 or 4 times as long as this one.

  • Love the dialogue and love watching other people stream the game to see what I did differently. With so many games it's hard to give these games the attention they deserve. Might 2024 be the year of only playing Until Dawn until I get every ending. Nah.

  • Series X version finished 1/8/2022

    First real Ray-Tracing experience. Had the choice between 60FPS and RT. For Spiderman 60FPS makes since. Everything just looks phony on Callisto Protocol when it's not Ray Tracing.

    There's a new game plus. I really want to see what the weapons look like fully upgraded. Will likely get this digital at some point.

  • Excellent game. Intuitive. $9.99. Showpiece that made me say "I'm playing VR no matter what it does to my eyes." I'm already blind. Been stockpiling at ton of VR games in hopes that eventually they make some PSVR games backwards compatible. If they were so forward thinking with the PS3 move controllers. Why couldn't they be as forward thinking with the PS4 VR. I think I might only play VR games going forward. After returning from Disney these VR experience are an upgrade to the amusement park experience in time and immersion. Also, like them parks a solid couple of minute experience in the form of rollercoaster, show, or haunted house is really worth the wait. I can dial back my play time and still have a good time. Doesn't rate higher because the top 3 have more robust trappings around them like the awesome Doom Eternal soundtrack, celebrity actor Josh Dumel in Callisto (which make me care about the actors or at least recognize them) and nostalgia for the Karate Kid (since I saw that movie as a kid and am getting some of the lore and can't wait to rewatch the movie someday). This vr experience was done entirely in Spanish which helps with language immersion. This game is the reason I purchased a PSVR2.

  • Suprisingly good Gears of War Clone. Makes me want to play more Gears of War but I also want to get around to finish my barely started Bayonetta. Very much my game of the year as of Feb 2. I think I'm just playing a 360 version so all the 4K and 60FPS of the re-release aren't necessarily apparent. Finished 2/4/23. Interesting end credits shooting meteors. Decided to buy Hi-FI rush because that is also a Shinji Makami joint.

  • Really enjoying this take on the Salem witch trials. Adult themes throughout the Dark Pictures Anthology makes it hard to want to play cutsie stuff. I really enjoy recognizing the actors, it makes it easier to keep the story straight in my head.

  • Great soundtrack. A little break from the seriousness of Dying Light. Photo-mode should be pretty interesting. A must play with 105 achievements. Who is the most prolific of achievement makers. 105 attempts to be funny or cute, I need that. Finished the game 3.19.23. Solid fun game. 7 years old right now, yikes. Combat is cool. Humor give me a laugh occasionally. Kind of wore out its welcome at the end. No interest in a future dead rising but the game does have me hyped for Street Fighter 6.

  • I finally beat this game. It was quite the ride. I like to beat games in my library that are from developers that are soon to release a game. In this case Starfield. I really enjoyed this first person platforming. I don't think I've enjoyed first person platforming since Jumping Flash. I barely enjoyed it there. The game ran a little bit long. I kind of hoped that the game would end 10 hours before it did. The story is whatever. It's reliant on the internet so they can get you to play daily with all the menu options. It is why I'm pulling back to only offline game. I loved the multiplayer in the 2016 Doom. This one doesn't have that. GameStop wants to give me $2.75 in store credit. I think I'll just keep the game.

  • Really got me into guns. I kind of want to go buy a gun now. Is that bad? Some of the two handed weaponry was just bad. I will never like anything where you have to simulate holding a scoped-rife or shotgun. That is the definition of poor gameplay.I am glad that I own a copy of this game because there is a chance that they will ambassador program us with a ton of games (though I imagine it will require us to be PSP Plus members. No thanks.)

  • Borderlands games do not disappoint. Unless they are the floaty (no gravity-slam having) Pre-Sequel. Later in the year when I am forced to rank order these games I imagine that this will be in the top 3. Yes, Wanda Sykes voice work is abysmal. Will Arnette's Demon Lord more than makes up for it. I really do hate some of the level gatekeeping. I don't get to see or experience some guns because I am not level 30? Correct. The overworld boardgame is a treat. The short dungeon crawls are great. I did get a sense of Deja Vu from the final boss encounter. I guess there are only so many ways that you can fight a boss in a FPS. I was tempted to trade this game into GameStop but I still have never played these couch co-op before. That has to be cool. Have to go out and make some friends. 9.3/10

  • Game has finally sunken its teeth in me. This is a game you just play. Don't let, not knowing what's going on keep you from enjoying the gunplay and individual lines of dialogue delivered. I've owned this game for over 2 years and am enjoying playing this on the series X. Will have to ploy through the Witcher and GTA5 in a similar way. I think having people speak inteligently about games (thanks goddamn gamecube) will inform my game playing decisions from now on. I will still buy a ton of games but Xbox wish listing will help me keep my spending to a minimum. Finished 2.20.23. Ugh. This game is a slog. Resetera is both-siding the merits of non-skippable cutscenes. I fall squarely in the camp that let me skip your crap. There's nothing more insufferable than somebody trying to tell you a story. I'm sure it's great but I come for the gameplay. Just like I went to arcades for the gameplay. Your story can be whittled down to a wikipedia page with hardly a scrollbar no matter what. Leave me alone. If I can select difficulty let me select gameplay only. 3 out of 5 stars for not letting me play the game. I'll never go back to play this game. At most I might watch somebody play it and let them explain it to me and I will have a half an understanding. Give me back the 30 hours of my life. I guess the only thing I internalized from this game is using my Apple Watch to start my car. That's something. Kind of softened on the hate I had for this game. Will reboot and play as a female. I'll play slow I'll play meticulously. Will 100%, in French.

  • Technically finished this in the first few days of 2024. (I will). I finished 4 of these games in the span of a week. This is like Green Eggs and Ham. I will do the same type game in a house, on a boat, at summer camp, at a ski resort. I bought the collection of 4 games and I'm no rush to the play the remaining 2 games. I guess it is a tip jar.

  • Couldn't reach a checkpoint for the game so I abruptly quit many years ago. I will get past this and get into Dying Light 2 next. Got past the checkpoint. Wonder how much of the game I have left. There is some gunplay which is always fun. Game finished off with a quicktime event... ugh. Traversal is great. Instead of just looking for the obvious path I can find whatever path makes sense. Finished 3/11/23.

  • This is one of those games that has taken me about 10 years to get around to. If I do the math on other games I am wanting to finish I will be a ripe age of 54 before I finish GTAV or Skyrim or Oblivion or Metal Gear 5. I loved this game as a kid. This and Chippendales Rescue rangers were some of the biggest games for me. The soundtrack from the cartoon is what drew me into the game. I was just the right age to be watching the cartoon and playing games. Where was my dad during all this? Disinterested. And I am even older than he was then, now. The platforming is pretty good and that has lived on in a game called Shovel Knight that I can hopefully finish this year. In this game the collectibles require you go jump in certain voids to free up hidden gems. This is 100% padding. I would have preferred a mutliplier (like Karate Kid) or something so I could earn enough money to unlock all of the collectibles which include sketches and art for the game. Some cheap padding there. Finished 3/26/23