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Pulled punches and spun wheels 0

Got the look of Unpacking. Very nice pixelated graphics. The music is the same and on heavy rotation. I think i’ll be able to pick the song out of a police lineup for the rest of my life, though i can’t conjure it up right now, even more reason to stop playing the game.Food is the driving force of this game. If you run out of that the game is over. There are only so many ways to acquire food, through purchases. An option to grow food would be nice. I had to restart the game because I...

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Looking for something physical 0

I picked up this game in anticipation of olli olli world along with olli olli 2 . It was only $2.99 for the first and second game. I had played both games when they originally came out. I enjoyed them at that time. Replaying the first game was an exercise in masochism. I am getting older but i don't expect my gaming prowess to atrophy. Getting back into this game after 8 years had me laughing at how much I had forgotten. There have been dozens if not hundreds of games between now and my last pla...

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Yoku's Island Express - Get your pinball minor 0

Gamerscore might be the most toxic thing to come out of gaming. It obligates me to one console. For me it was all XboxOne for the entire generation, until i broke my arm. I took 3 months off work and reluctantly picked up a PS4. I had shunned Nintendo for their treachory with the release of the original Wii. On one of my idling in the parking lot days, doing everything but game, I decided to partially lift my sanctions (by buying used) and picked up a Switch.I had long given up on 3-d gaming sin...

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What are those? Magnets 0

Tyranny of man. If I were married. Tell me where this does or does not belong. That is the game of Unpacking. Not since animal crossing has something affected my life choices so immediately. I think I’ll quit gaming and write about engineering stuff for work instead.I have to keep writing. Do I have to keep gaming in order to do that? Maybe I don’t. This is the only time I write anything down. I never put pen to paper anymore. Everything needs ‘views.’ I could continue le...

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Tactile feel. Present Storyline. And who doesnt love Trains. 0

Dream Comorbidity. I don’t think i have nightmares about creatures. Mostly people. It’s easier for me to play something like this. With world events what they are... (At the time of this writing Ukraine lives under the threat of invasion while we broadcast to aliens and posterity that face coverings are the new blue jeans with the 2022 Winter Olympics..)Has anyone resisted Gamepass in total? Ubisoft? It’s a trap. Everybody wants to jump into the NFT gang but I feel like once yo...

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13:13 Hail Dracula 0

Part of the Castlevania Collection on the Switch. This game was pretty fun with memorable chiptunes. Some of the platforming required pixel perfection. The rewind feature saved me a ton. I just disovered Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth which is a remake of this game. I'm definitely playing that next. Castlevania continues to be one of my favorite franchises as i plow through Konami's catalog of games. Do i really want to start going down that sidescrolling shooter rabbit hole? I think so. In...

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Haters gonna hate 0

A really enjoyable Castlevania game. My favorite platforming franchise. Had save scum a lot on the Castlevania collection for Switch. I guess I got hyped up from Awesome Games Done Quick (which I didn’t watch a second of). I will watch some speed runs of this game and find out what makes this game special. Enjoyed the hell out of it and can’t wait for the next Castlevania I play. Maybe one of the games from the Advanced collection...

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If 3D were never a thing this game would be King 0

Enjoyable 2D side-scrolling beat em up. It follows the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. I really enjoyed this. The music is the best part of it. It has really led me to a resurgence of side-scrolling games. I am currently playing Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn. I also recently got a Switch, which is where I played it. I played through the whole game not understanding that there was a special move when pressing the left bumper. There are different taunts that can be used if playing multiplayer. I n...

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Voice maketh the game 0

Guardians of the Galaxy ReviewI have cooled considerably on my reception of Guardians of the Galaxy. I think the novelty of the music and gameplay wore off very quickly after playing other games. The honeymoon phase is very strong with this game. In a game with zero competition (The Ascent and 12 Minutes) the Guardians of the Galaxy: No Subtitled Name (strange for a comic book) 3rd-person action shooter is my game of the year 2021.Is it a comic book? Is it a movie? Is it season of cartoon? It&rs...

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Vistas and Views 0

Star Wars is a tremendous property with so many spinoffs. toys, and even theme park rides. You really can't avoid the property. I'm into it.The game takes alot of elements from Uncharted, Tomb Raider (modern), and Shadow of the Colossus. I thought of myself as too good to use a strategy guide for Shadow of the Colossus but the other properties I have played pretty extensively. There are sections that feature sliding as part of missions. It would have been a lot more fun if this on-rails portion...

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Samus without her armor 0

ReCore is a fun third person action game that has as much platforming as a mario game and lock on targeting as a 3D Zelda game. Throw on a metroid skin and you have metroid before metroid prime 4 comes out. Keiji Inafune was executive producer. Some of his pedigree from the metroid era really shines through. Some of the expectations you have from a 2D metroid are here fully fleshed out in 3D. Shoot the correctly lit beacons or traverse an area in a measured amount of time. It’s pretty good...

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