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Dark Souls II seems to lack something, maybe it's interconnectedness?

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Bad DLC...the sworn enemy of S-Ranks everywhere

Well, now that GB's achievement tracking is back up and running, a quick perusal of my stats has made one thing very clear:  

Bad DLC is the bane of my existence.

Not that DLC is necessarily a problem, but the overwhelming majority of it ends up ruining my hard-won s-ranks. In some cases, I'm happy to go back to the game, but more often than not DLC is not worth either the price of admission, or my efforts for that matter.  
For example, Metro 2033 added some several months after release: not so much story content, but rather a few weapons and difficulty modes. For one, I'm not paying for weapons or difficulties. Secondly, why on earth would I replay the whole game for it? I could multiply examples: Dragon Age had some of the worst DLC I can remember in ages (even Awakening was a letdown as far as I'm concerned). And let's not forget about Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot: who doesn't want to play boring 100-wave arena fights in 5-hour-long stretches? Or who didn't want more mutliplayer costumes and maps for Bioshock 2 and Tron: Evolution?
While I can't exactly blame companies for wanting to cash in, I'd be lying to you if I didn't look at some of my rankings and let out one hell of a sigh. I wouldn't recommend GB changing its system or anything like that, but it's frustrating to say the very least. I feel that DLC that has achievements attached should at least offer some compelling reason to jump back into the game byeond points. A good example of this would be Fallout 3's five DLC packs, or Mass Effect 2's Shadow Broker DLC.  
That said, are there any games where bad DLC blew your S-Rank, or just wasn't worth it?