It's Easter!

Hey all!

I thought I'd wish everyone a Happy Easter. I was able to spend it with my relatives who live about thirty minutes from the college. It was great to be away from the campus, and I was able to relax a bit. Now that I'm back on campus I need to start focusing more on school and try to finish the semester strong. I thank you all for wishing me luck for this semester especially with physics. I had a few say that I'll pass, and I'm starting to think I will.

Right now I've been listening to music from the Hearts of Space website, and they've picked fifteen variations on the hymn Amazing Grace. It's incredible how much that song has been played by so many. :)

Before I go, I did my very first art trade with a friend who just so happens to be on GameSpot and DeviantART. He goes by the username SomeOddGuy, and this is what we ended up doing. :D

Odd's part

My part

I was really pleased with how ours came out, and we both thought the experience of doing an art trade (our very first) was rather fun. :) I wouldn't mind doing these if I had more time. What's even better is that he lives in Tennessee, and we do hope to meet sometime during the summer in the Nashville area.

Speaking of the Nashville area, it seems that I won't be getting the internship at Magnetic Dreams. :( I'll explain about it in another blog.

Anyway, I need to be on my way and focus more on my school work. I hope you guys do well for the rest of your semester. Also, please let me know if any of you are bothered to see anthro art through my blogs. I know there are many who are a bit disturbed of the art, and I can understand why many find it weird due to how ridiculous it can go. Yes, I've seen it, and I don't like it at all. It's a waste of talent if you ask me.

Until next time, Giant Bombers! 8-)