On Fall Break and The Countdown

Whew! This is the time of the semester I've been waiting for. Like I said in my video blog, this semester seems to have gone by real quick for I'm surprised that my fall break is already here. Anyway, you guys may see me from time to time during the break since I'll be doing stuff with a friend over the break. Even though I'll be relaxing, I do plan on playing some DS and GBA games like The World Ends With You (still need to finish that one), Contra 4 (time to work on the Hard setting), Final Fantasy VI (again, still need to finish it),Tales Of Phantasia (I doubt I'll be playing it since it's kind of boring), and Drill Dozer (new game I got from my mom for $10 at Wal-Mart). Other than gaming, there's a 2-3 page paper I'd like to get out of the way, and that shouldn't be hard to do. :) Plus, I need to finish that comic for a friend on DA. I'm long overdue on that, but I don't think he will mind if I get it in late. Anyway, it's time to go into detail about a few things I'd like to mention.


When I first heard about this game back when it was released, I shrugged at it despite it getting good reviews. I mean I didn't doubt that it was a good game. It's just that it didn't look very appealing to me. Then, my mom called me last month telling me that Wal-Mart had some games that were on sale, and Drill Dozer was one of them (I hope she got Metal Slug Anthology for the Wii since that was one of those games). So I told that I had heard good things about it and decided to try it out. After receiving in a package full of goodies (candy, gaming magazines, and T-shirt), I popped in the game on my DS, and I was impressed with how the game plays. What really amazed me was that this game is developed by Game Freak, Inc., of Pokemon fame. As I play this game, I think to myself, "Wow. These guys could try games like this other than Pokemon." I know there are a lot of you that continue to play Pokemon, and I really have nothing against that......well, you could say that I'm tired of Nintendo continuing the franchise. Anyway, it's just that after seeing this game I would like for them to try new things out other than the Pokemon franchise. I know that they have done other things before Pokemon, but it wouldn't hurt for them to experiment with new ideas. :)


Like I said earlier, I still need to finish that comic for a friend. I'm almost finished with the third page, and the fourth one is going to be my last for the comic. I hope he likes it. I've already shown him the first one, and he liked what he saw. So, it shouldn't be so bad. :) Other than that, I hope to at least do some serious drawing such as doing some gift art as a way of thanking those that have been helpful and have been such good friends. Keep in mind that this is mainly for the ones in DeviantART. :) Also, I've discovered something that could help me give some color to my artwork. I've tried doing the traditional way by using colored pencils, but it has proven that I would need more practice to get the colors to where I want them. So if I want to get things out of the way quickly, the only thing I can rely on is Adobe Photoshop. Take this for example. I was told by one of my professors in the digital media department to try using the wand tool to highlight a spot I want to color. I know that it's not the best method, but I'm sure that he wanted me to experiment after I got the hang of it. Thanks to SciFiCat for telling me a better method of doing digital color with Photoshop, I went back to give the same drawing another try. This time I'm applying line-art over the sketch, and I'm rather pleased with how it's turning out so far. After I got all the flat colors I wanted for it, I showed it to my professor, and he showed me how to use the burn tool for shadows and the dodge tool for highlights. I was amazed how much better my picture turned out. So, I plan on doing using those tools in the near future. :D Don't worry, I'm not going to be cheap by showing you guys the final product with his work by using those tools. I'll be sure to go by that example though. If you guys are curious about my gallery, you'll be able to view it if you go to the hyperlink that shows the colored version of my fursona I used for this part of the blog. :D


Yep. It's coming. Right now, I'm not so sure if it will be a good or bad thing. We'll just have to wait and see. :P In case you guys still don't know, I'll be turning 21 next Friday. I'll be sure to post something on that day just so I feel more special from you guys. :D I wonder what I'll end up getting. Here's my birthday list as of now:

-Bangai-O Spirits
-Bleach: Dark Souls
-Bleach: Second Season
-Bleach: Memories of Nobody
-Sonic Chronicles
-Astro Boy manga after Vol. 12
-Dragon Quest IV
-Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (questionable)
-Final Fantasy IV DS (questionable)
-a PS3 ( :lol: I know that's not going to happen)
-a Xbox 360 ( :lol: same as the PS3)
Yeah, I think that should do for the list.
Well, it looks like I'm finished with what I have to say. I look forward to be catching you all later, and I hope all of you stay safe if any of you are taking a break. :D
Until next time, Giant Bombers! 8-)