My Top 10 Greatest Best Super Good Video Games of 2013

2013 was a good year for video games. Some of my favorite games of the generation came out of this year, and maybe even my favorite game of all time (no spoilers in this opening paragraph but it's my #1 game on this list). I didn't get to play a lot of the indie darlings that have been on pretty much everyone's list because I don't have a PC to play them on :( Oh well. Not the best year of video games ever, but a good one nonetheless.

List items

  • My god. This game is really just so good. It deserves all of the praise that it's getting. I actually enjoy the combat, so fuck off. I love the story (god damn that ending). I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the interaction between Joel and Ellie, they're some of the best characters ever in a video game. It also has a great multiplayer component and I played it more than any other multiplayer mode this year. I just love this game so much. It's my game of the year, I think the best PS3 game ever, game of the generation, and quite possibly my favorite game ever made.

    It's pretty good.

  • I don't care what you say now, when that ending was unfolding while you played this masterpiece of a game, your jaw was on the floor. It may have holes and may be a bit out there, but I love it. It's a fantastic twist to me, and tell me you don't love the fact that the ending of this game breaks the Bioshock universe as a whole. Though I love the Bioshock series, I hope they end it here, for this would be the perfect end to a near-perfect franchise.

  • It is way too fun to explore in this game. I haven't finished the story (I'm maybe halfway through) and have barely searched the Abstergo Entertainment studio, and yet I have 15+ hours logged into this game. I just can't help myself. I have to collect everything and finish every side quest and harpoon dozens of sharks/whales/killer whales. I just love it. Seriously a great return for Assassin's Creed after III and Revelations.

  • God damn this game was so good. Too bad GTA Online left such a terrible taste in my mouth. It's really too bad because this should have been a much better overall package. A fantastic single-player storyline with some of the best characters of the year in Trevor and Lamar. It's also the best playing GTA game there's ever been.

  • This is the best straight-up platformer in years. It's so beautiful to look at. So much fun to play. And by god are those music levels something else. Fantastic game. Some of the most fun I had playing a game this year.

  • Didn't expect this one at all. I was looking forward to it hoping the best. I loved Bound In Blood. CoJ going back to it's Western roots was great. And this game is truly pretty great. It's a fun little arcade shooter with a cool art style, but what really makes it great is it's narrator. You just have to see it first hand. Play this.

  • The only other DMC I've finished is 4. You don't remember Devil May Cry 4? Yeah, I barely do too. This game, though, is no Devil May Cry 4. It's a fucking great game. It's cool, looks great, plays fluidly, and has some fantastic level design and bosses.

  • Uncharted: Female Lead Edition is actually a damn fine game. It's obviously an Uncharted knock-off, but that's fine (Uncharted has similarities to the original Tomb Raider series anyways). Tomb Raider really sets up a great Lara Croft character, and I hope they do more with this reboot in the future.

  • It's a David Cage game and stars Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. It's not a great game, per se. It doesn't have a great story, per se. It has weird/dumb plot points (what is up with that Navajo part?). It also maybe runs on a bit too lon. But I really like what David Cage attempts with his games. There's some cool stuff in Beyond and really great scenes too. It looks amazing and has great acting (WILLEM DAFOE FOR GOD'S SAKE). Here's to hoping David Cage gets another attempt at a big budget game like this and Heavy Rain, and here's to hoping it has a better, more cohesive story (and more Willem Dafoe).

  • That final boss tho