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Show the US losing in Vietnam, or play as a Nazi/German soldier in WW2.

Otherwise no not interested in seeing the noble allied forces beat the evil Germans for the 300th time.

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@mcfart said:
@narujoe93 said:

Oh nos, its less shiny. Guess that means it sucks (sarcasm).

It looks like titanfall. A game that got hyped to shit as this amazing next gen experience when, in fact, its a few new tricks added to a tired formula.

Public service announcement: 'Next gen' isnt here yet. Probably wont truly be here until 2015 or 2016, like how the 360/ps3 era didnt really hit their stride until 06/07. For now, all we have to look forward to are last gen games with a shiny coat of paint (that will look like dog shit in a few years).

tl;dr: Video Games

Yup, 360 didn't get really good looking games until Bioshock/Assassin's Creed (2 years after release)

Titanfall looks the same except less lightning. Looks fine tho.

Even then, the difference between the original Bioshock and Bioshock Infinte Burial at Sea Episode 2 is just absolutely staggering. It's just going to take a while for developers to realise how far they can push current tech.

It is? Neither of the BioShock games looked that good even on release, once Infinite moved past the intro with its high saturation and somewhat bleached look, it had the same shortcomings typical of Unreal Engine games. (and your usual bad BioShock character models)

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Well it's pretty dumb to have bought a console for Call of Duty 1.5, it's the very definition of a last gen game on a next gen system.

...I use next gen system lightly, 720P and not a consistent 60 fps, good one Respawn.

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@ioan-alexandru: It's too much of a sidegrade, you are buying really old tech by getting a Core2Series, even more so than the original i5 lineup.

If you buy a Sandy/Ivy/Haswell quad i5 that will last for quite some years yet, I really recommend that option (with preference given to Ivy or Haswell)

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I think if you are buying a new motherboard, always get a CPU you don't think you will have to change any time soon, CPU upgrading is such a hassle because sockets.

If you really can't afford a Haswell quad, I would buy a second hand Ivy (or maybe Sandy). Generally when I have looked, the price difference between an i3 and i5 quad is not too big.

Now that the new consoles have 8 cores, we will see games taxing CPUs more (whether they are good or bad ports) and the shortcomings of 2 cores will probably come into play quite early in this new generation.

Then again, who the hell knows. I just think it's a safer bet to buy a quad core. I never would have thought I would have the same CPU for 5 years and still be able to play games maxed out, but here I am!

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@bellmont42 said:
@sooty said:

As always, buy a cheap motherboard

Never this :). I avoid ECS and Biostar like the plague now. Do however look for cheaper prices on good brands like MSI, Gigabyte, Asus, and ASrock.

I meant cheap as in terms of features, not an actual cheap motherboard manufacturer, I've never even heard of the two you mentioned O_O

I think the cheapest I have looked at were Foxconn ones but as I understand it those are actually pretty decent, just more of a generic brand

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I have an i5 750 and I can still run recent games on ultra fine, but that's not a shock because it's mostly GPU dependant.

It's a great CPU and will probably beat out the i3 in games like Total War, for most games there's probably a minuscule difference because you will be GPU limited.

My 750 has been running at 4Ghz for over 4 years at this point. It's a beast, best PC investment ever.

I wouldn't buy one in 2014. Nor would I buy a dual core, save some money and get an entry level Haswell or Ivy-Bridge quad core. I'd consider a Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge quad for sure, going all the way back to the first generation of i5 quads is over the top though and doesn't even save that much money over Sandy/Ivy/Haswell chips. After Sandy Bridge, the CPU improvements to Ivy and Haswell weren't that large, first gen to Sandy Bridge was the biggest leap.

As always, buy a cheap motherboard, buy cheap RAM (at least 8GB), don't buy a cheap CPU, because CPUs actually matter to gaming performance whereas the other two can be cheap as anything and not really matter. And don't bother with AMD, they still get wrecked by Intel.

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@-cipher- said:

I really don't get why some people dislike this game...

Because it's a QTE fest with pretty bad voice acting and one of the cheapest, worst plot twists in the history of the world.

And I say that as someone that actually liked it, but let's not ignore these things.

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@kadash299 said:

Months later here we are, the same guy with the same thread.

Calm the hell down, the system turns on and plays.

Graphics don't get effected by dust.

Please, Please Please please

Just stop

Yeah, amazing really.

OP you are in no position to say someone at Sony might not have known what they were talking about when you're here making threads like these.

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Oh my god dude, seek help. You have made like 4 threads about damaging your PS4 and now you are worrying about a TV.

120hz is pointless for console gaming so I wouldn't bother worrying about that and motion+ is likely the standard frame creation mode designed to smooth content, which makes everything look weird.

You just bought it, it didn't need to be cleaned. I have cleaned my plasma just a few times in the 2 years I have owned it, all it needs is a light wipe down from a microfibre cloth, screen cleaner isn't needed unless you somehow spill something on it.

Game mode isn't required, I haven't used it once on my TV and I play fighting games a lot so input lag is a priority.